IGN Top 100 #1

"The Top 100 Games of All Time!
Yes, friends, more than 30 editors located all over the world set aside their ages, allegiances and personal favorites to pick the hundred best videogames that the planet has ever seen! There was fighting, there was mayhem, and there was pizza -- lots and lots of pizza.

Now, some of you may proclaim, "but your list is different from the rankings you guys did in 2005!" Well, of course it is people. Plenty of fantastic games have been released since then, and we have plenty of new folks in our ranks to throw in their couple of cents. We're also not afraid to admit that our tastes change over time too."

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iceice1233858d ago

How surprising is this? Generic list is generic.

Probotector3858d ago

Probably not the best game of all time, but definitely the most important. I wanna see the next year list with Super Mario Galaxy in the top 5.

skagrerrrr3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Super Mario Brothers on the Family Computer circa mid 1980s.

I believe Super Mario Bros was on of the first 32-bit games introduced on the Nintendo Family Computer.

Jinxstar3858d ago

32 bit? dont you mean 8 bit? on the Nintendo Entertainment System. or are you talking about something else? I believe it also had a color palatte of like 52 colours but could not display more then 23 at the same time... I probably missed something but i could be wrong wasn't the NES 8 bit... I think I'm lost...

Mr_Kuwabara3858d ago

Wasn't the Playstation 32 bit... and Nintendo 64 well... 64 bits hehe.

M1am1U3858d ago

I certainly lost countless hours and skipped plenty of school to play Super Mario Bros. It's a great game, no doubt about it. Even beyond the nostalgia, it's a genuinely innovative game that helped revitalize the gaming industry.

solidt123858d ago

I have this game on my Wii and it is amazing how kids today still love this game as much as I did as a kid, and it is still very fun to play. How many game that are current gen that you think people will still be playing in 25 year?

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The story is too old to be commented.