IGN Top 100 10-2

"The Top 100 Games of All Time!
Yes, friends, more than 30 editors located all over the world set aside their ages, allegiances and personal favorites to pick the hundred best videogames that the planet has ever seen! There was fighting, there was mayhem, and there was pizza -- lots and lots of pizza.

Now, some of you may proclaim, "but your list is different from the rankings you guys did in 2005!" Well, of course it is people. Plenty of fantastic games have been released since then, and we have plenty of new folks in our ranks to throw in their couple of cents. We're also not afraid to admit that our tastes change over time too."

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pwnmaster30003911d ago

wats a default router , cause on the internet connection on the ps3 it says default router

Jdash243911d ago

default would the the router the ps3 will automatically try to connect to when its turned on..........or it could be that your router is named default router

Probotector3911d ago

Super Mario Bros = Game #1.

But i'm sure that it's going to change in the next year IGN top 100 games, because Galaxy is now in that place.

Bonsai12143911d ago

seriously. screw ign for not putting number 1 with it... pretty much guaranteed to be the original mario (unless it was previously on it and i missed it)

but seriously, GREAT 10-2.
FFIII, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, each one has a special place because they were SO GOOD.

I didn't expect them to put Civ 2 at #3. but thinking back, it was a great game.

crank3911d ago

Yeah, great if you are some HUGE SN fan. WHAT A ******* PIECE OF **** LIST!

This list is waaaay to full of arcade, pc, and snes titles while almost ignoring the playstation 12 and genesis for the most part except for obvious games they HAVE to put in like Shadow and Metal Gear.

These sites are honestly so blatantly PC and Xbox some times that it hurts, except for the fact that they ignored some pretty great Xbox games, too.

These guys get more stupid the more people listen to them.


Bonsai12143911d ago

what are you talking about? they put the two major pillars of psx on the list in ffvii and mgs, they put arguably the best 2 games on ps2 on the list with god of war and SotC (including ICO was a plus too), they put the 3 best games to show up on snes in ffiii, link to the past, and super metroid, they put the pillar of xbox in halo, and the rest are either very good niche games, arcade classics or pc all time greats.

everyone has a different opinion of what should be in a top games list, which is why numbered lists generally aren't good, but this one comes somewhat close to actually doing it right.

PS360WII3911d ago

Well I hate to say it but what can I do. In the top ten we can find 2 Zelda games and 2 Mario games along with Super Metriod and our favorite FFVI first found on... that's right SNES.

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The story is too old to be commented.