Sony plays hardball - Will all of its moves ultimately be worth it?

Variety's Paul Sweeting writes in Video Business, 11/30/2007

"Is Sony finally getting it's PlayStation 3 game on?

Whether out of desperation or strategic planning, the company finally seems to be taking bold steps to reclaim some of its lost stature-not to mention market share-in the videogame console business after falling to a humiliating third place against rivals Nintendo and Microsoft."

Paul Sweeting reviews the recent series of Sony's strategic and tactical moves designed to raise and conserve cash - and fund the turnaround for the PS3.

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HarryEtTubMan3911d ago

Although the amount is believed to represent less than 5% of Sony, keeping it under the disclosure threshold for Japanese companies, Sony has a current market-cap of $54 billion, so even a 1% stake would represent a cash infusion of more than $500 million. I knew they were rich but man not in the 54 billions rich lol

Let the console speak for itself. PS3 will do fine

gamesblow3911d ago

I love how "even if" it is out of desperation like it would matter... Who wins there? We do. that's who. I love when idiots say "oh, they're only doing this or that out of desperation" So what!!! They're still doing it and had they been doing incredibly well and still did this... then what? It would have the same ressult.

People are morons. Simple and clean.

Gina-get-u3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

The article is not about whether you win or not. Not every article about the PS3 will be about whether you win or not. The article is also not written from a gamer's perspective. Not very article about the PS3 has to be written through a gamer's viewpoint. Making and selling the PS3, after all, is a business, so naturally, business people will talk about it from a business perspective. If you broaden your perspective just a bit, you will appreciate that the article presents several recent financial moves by Sony in context to make it easy for you to see that all these financial moves by Sony, which you may not at first have connected to each other, may actually be closely related for the purpose of turning around Sony's struggling PS3 division. And once you make that connection, you may finally appreciate how seriously Sony is taking the current situation.

SmokeyMcBear3911d ago

so why exactly do we care about how the business aspect to these console makers is run?

Xi3911d ago

the ps3 is really the core for sony's complete lineup, and will lead to their superiority during the next generation of tv's, movies, and games. If the ps3 gains popularity, people will be more likely to upgrade to a high def tv(bravia), a new dvd format(already got blu-ray) and will make money on games.

pacman6153911d ago

will only get better from here on out...warp speed factor 7 approaching

goldenzealot3911d ago

the sad thing one will buy a ps3 when the 360 is out and noone uses blu ray when hd dvd is out. sony just fighting a losing battle

whoelse3911d ago

I 100% disagree. PS3 sales have increased alot since the price cut and 40GB. In Japan and Europe, the PS3 is selling better than the 360. Just North America where the 360 is more popular. Blu-ray is winning around 2:1 against HD DVD so obvivously more people are buying BD than HD DVD.

hondakidus3911d ago

That statement was pure ignorance

Chaos Striker3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

"no one will buy a ps3 when the 360 is out"-->then why are people buying them still? Why are there sales for ps3 when 360's are selling as well?

"no(space)one uses Blu-ray when HD-DVD is out"-->again, why are there Blu-ray sales when HD-DVD is coexisting?

Basically everything you say is unsupported and ignorant of the actual statistics.

snoopgg3911d ago

Ps3 will own 2008

1 They have some very Key exclusives
2 Lower prices
3 Blu Ray sales 2 to 1 to hd
4 Hardware is more reliable
5 The release of home
These are the 5 things that will propel the ps3 ahead in 2008

kydrice3910d ago

PS3 is outselling the 360 is most of Europe and Asia, the only place 360 is winning is in America. HD-DVD winning over Blu-Ray? LOL Get off the internet... I won't even argue with that. That statement was purely grabbed out of your own a$$.

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