A Glimpse at the Next-Generation writes, "While what we’ve mostly seen recently have been rumors swirling about what next generation consoles will or won’t be able to do. Today, we’re bringing you a glimpse of what the next generation should look like."

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potedude2577d ago

I don't think next gen consoles will look that good. if they do them I am gonna be stoked! That looked amazing. I would say that was running on a pretty high-end PC, if the next PS3 comes close to that then Imma get it day one.

All that was missing was Rose and Jack...

ABizzel12576d ago

Honestly this is about what I expected for next gen. This will be the PC standard, while consoles are slightly below this (less lighting sources, lesser textures, and not as much detail).

MS and Sony get those CPU's, GPU's, and a but load of RAM ready for this.

IAmCornHolio2576d ago

Every year we do this...

Every year I try and point out... This generation will continue as long as you guys are still spending billions of dollars on game and consoles.

If there is a need, both companies can have their new console ready to ship within months, as they have all been integrating all their new designs since these old antique consoles launched.

Not a moment before 2015.

Stealth2k2576d ago

Honestly after how terrible this gen was as a whole. Higher costs arent going to fix things. More games with generic and lazy realistic graphics arent going to fix things

raytraceme2576d ago

You call this jagged mess next gen? This is still nowgen you people need to stop neglecting that PC's are still in the same generation as consoles. PC can easily out do what that video shows. ICenhancer already does better and its actually playable. Next gen should mostly focus on physics effects like destruction and water rendering rather than make it look life like without any realistic destruction.

yabhero2576d ago

II'm just waiting for WiiU in black

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