The King of Fighters XIII Review [] writes: "Starting in the late 1990s the fighting game genre slipped into decline despite an amazing surge in popularity in the years prior. Thankfully it's seemed to regain that footing, thanks to recent hits such as Capcom's Street Fighter IV and the visually stunning sprite-based Arc Systems Works' BlazBlue series. However, one key player in the old guard, SNK Playmore, was left behind and faced with the choice of evolving or dying out entirely. Their answer to this was 2009's The King of Fighters XII. However as you can see in our review it was an utter disappointment.

After years in development and tons of incurred costs the company decided that the game had to be shipped to consumers. Those buyers found a game that was essentially a half-finished beta with a next-gen $60 price tag. Because of this it did little to win the attention of both casual and hardcore fighting game fans who didn't know about the series nor the longtime SNK fans who had kept with the series over the years. Thus, SNK Playmore knew they only had one more shot before the King of Fighters brand would be tarnished forever in the minds of players. Laid with the daunting task of repairing all of the damage KoFXII did to the series they set out to make a new sequel: The King of Fighters XIII. And repair they did."

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gwcommander2581d ago

This game is so fun its too bad i get my arse handed to me

tweex2581d ago

Dude, I'm totally the same way. Can't play it for crap :)! But my goodness, I still love it!