Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening v1.05 Patch Released

There are a lot of small issues still plaguing Dragon Age: Origins and its standalone Awakening expansion pack, but unfortunately the new v1.05 patch only addresses some DLC authentication and performance issues.

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Rowland2547d ago

Bioware: bit late & what's the point ? everyones playing Skyrim !!!

Lucreto2547d ago

Sad that they are working on this while the PS3 version of the DA2 dlc is broken. From what I can tell they have no intension to fix it.

Breaking the saves after a certain point in the dlc that carrys back over to the main compaign.

ziggurcat2547d ago

it's really quite pathetic that they never bothered to address the frame rate issues with DA despite them having been reported by users since pretty much day 1.

i lost all faith in bioware's competency because of that.

kevnb2547d ago

framerate issues are an extra feature of console versions.