Why All Games Shouldn't Be $60

Player Affinity writes: The gaming industry has faced more change in the last five years than it had the combined 20 years before that. We've seen the rise of downloadable games, indie games and DLC, which expands a game's longevity. We've seen components of games getting locked off for used buyers unless they spend an extra $10. DRM has become more intrusive than ever, and then it kinda-sorta went away. The cost of developing games has skyrocketed, and so too have the marketing budgets. After all, if a game costs millions of dollars to make, you want to be sure it sells millions of copies, right? These are the so-called Triple-A games: games coming out at $60 that the publisher has clearly put a lot of marketing and development muscle behind. In all these changing economic conditions though, one thing hasn't changed too much: most console games still cost $60 at retail, regardless of the amount of cash spent developing or marketing the title. Surely all games aren't created equal, so why the uniform approach to pricing in the retail space, especially compared to the changes the downloadable marketplace has brought with it?

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Pikajew2554d ago

Game should be priced on how good they are. So the best games will be 60$ at launch and the bad games wont

LOGICWINS2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

IMO, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are three days in the year when games are priced the way they're SUPPOSED to be priced.

For example, 007:Reloaded is SUPPOSED to be $30. Its an HD remake...of a remake that came out last year. Charging $60 for a remake of a remake is ludicrous.

"Game should be priced on how good they are. So the best games will be 60$ at launch and the bad games wont"

Here's the problem with that. Who determines whats good? If retailers were to do a nationwide poll...they would conclude that COD, Halo, and GTA are the only game franchises worth $60....followed by 2 or 3 Kinect games. Is that cool with you?

For me, I stopped paying $60 for games about a year ago. Considering how quickly games drop in price, there just isn't a point anymore. If I DO buy a game Day 1, its because I get $20 credit from Amazon.

sonicsidewinder2553d ago

Takes a really good game to make me lay down the mega bucks.

NoobJobz2553d ago

I agree. Some games have no business being $60. $60 for a game like Skyrim which gives you 100s of hours of gameplay vs maybe a game with a single player game that takes less than 10 hours. How are they both worth the same?

SoapShoes2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Well, for instance, that game that takes 10 hours could be a better game? I've played games that take 100s of hours and they just have a bunch of grinding to extend the gameplay.

Anyway, not all games are $60 now a days. Sonic Generations was $50 at retail.

NoobJobz2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Maybe I should have clarified. I wasn't saying all games less than 10 hours are bad. I meant stuff like movie based games. Single player only. Less than 10 hours. And almost no replayability. Honestly those games should be $30 max. Ive played plenty of good short games. Portal and portal 2? I think those are worth the amount.

That's why in my first post I said SOME games have no business being $60.

vortis2552d ago

I've always had a problem with big publishers charging $60 for games they know they spent diddly-squat to make. And with some tools out there making it cheaper and faster to make games look triple-A I think many pubs are just using that as an excuse to charge extra even if they shouldn't.

The example of GoldenEye Reloaded was perfect, because that game gives you 10x less than Halo: Anniversary but it costs more than Halo. Lame.

cpayne932553d ago

I would consider a game like metal gear solid to be better than some of the big rpgs I have played, and better worth the price. Of course, you have to look at replayability, I've played through games like metal gear solid or mario 64 several times over.

ShaunCameron2551d ago

Eh. Skyrim is an RPG and RPG's are known for being long. And the games you're trying to say aren't worth $60 are usually action games, platformers, and shooters. Genres that were never known for length.

Darkfiber2553d ago

Last time I checked, they weren't all $60. Some are $70, some are $5, $10, $15, $20, $30, $40, $50 and every denomination in between.

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