CVG: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: The legendary stealth series reborn?

CVG: Cynicism, fairly or not, surrounds many HD remakes. Developers take an old game, increase the resolution, add a few Achievements and watch the money roll in. But in MGS HD's case, this is a chance to play the sublime Metal Gear Solid 3 on a Microsoft console for the first time, in HD.

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Batzi2549d ago

It wasn't reborn. It was always there for us and it is staying here with us for a very long time. The Metal Gear franchise will live through the upcoming generations. Metal Gear is everywhere. Everything is Metal Gear.

GarandShooter2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Can't wait to pick up this collection!

nan02549d ago

Such a great series. With modern games coming out, people easily forget one of the most diverse and unique series of gaming ever. From the stealth aspects, to the story plots, to characters. It's been a great journey. I hope for future additions as well, but I feel like majority of it's glory is of the past.

That is, it's brought to a new life again. Similar to MG1 and MG2 for the PSX (or nintendo old days)