CVG: Dizzy iOS/Android: 'Xbox and PS3 are possible, but we've got Neggs Gen to consider...'

CVG: This morning Codemasters officially announced the return of Dizzy the egg - not as a new game, but an iOS and Android update of 1991 classic Prince of the Yolkfolk.

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Dark_Overlord2578d ago

Well thats killed the eggscitement I had :(

Fishy Fingers2578d ago

I'll have to give this a download, if only for the nostalgia.

kramun2578d ago

I used to love the Dizzy games on my trusty old Speccy.

Shadow Flare2578d ago

This is fantastic news and I'm really eggcited about this game. I got a text on my phone about this and I first thought, "you must be yoking" but I can't wait now, it's gonna be a shell of a game

BuT_TeR2577d ago

If it really is for neggs-gen then it will probably be announced near the eggsit of the current gen.