IGN: The Five Most Disappointing Games of Fall 2011

IGN: Sometimes games don't live up to expectations. Here are the five games from this fall we wanted to absolutely love...but didn't.

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WolfLeBlack2426d ago

I have to admit that I usually don't have the problem of games failing to match my expectations, simply because I've learned to moderate what I expect from a title.

Having said that, I did have hopes that X-Men: Destiny, despite knowing that the opposite was almost a certainty, would turn out to be a brilliant blend of satisfying brawling and RPG elements that let me created my own truly unique badass. Shame that it wasn't, then.

ACBAA2426d ago

lol @ Kirby's Return to Dreamland being on that list.

Nobody had high expections to get disappointed by that game

shikamaroooo2426d ago

I'm guilty for getting overly hyped for need for speed the run


BF3 should be number one.Very overrated game. The jet mission was the most boring sh1t ever.

ACBAA2425d ago

:'(((((((((( @ the kids dislikin my comm

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