GameSpy's Concerns About Star Wars: The Old Republic

GameSpy: Until today, BioWare has kept the majority of the details about Star Wars: The Old Republic locked away as securely as a Skywalker on Tatooine. Now, with a little over a month left before players discover if the game lives up to the messianic reputation it has built up over the last few years, BioWare has opened the gates and allowed us to speak our minds about the full project.

I've already spoken in the game's defense elsewhere, and I'm happy to join the chorus of journalists who claim that the game's story brings you closer to your character than any other MMO that's come before. It's the other aspects of SWTOR that worry me. After jumping back into this little corner of George Lucas' imagination after a two-week hiatus, I find myself a little less in love with the game than I was before, and that feeling has prompted me to compile this list of concerns.

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