PlayStation 3 Gems You May Have Missed in 2011 writes: It's been a massive year for PlayStation 3 gamers. A superb list of exclusives for the console helped it improve its sales standing next to its nearest competitor in the Xbox 360.

As the years comes to a close, it's always the same games being spoken about in 'GOTY' discussion: Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Infamous 2. Deservedly so for all of those games.

However, there have certainly been a number of great games that have flown under the radar, often buried amidst a barrage of first-party exclusives and blockbuster releases.

Here a six games you need to go back and check out before the big releases of 2012 start launching.

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Focus2578d ago

Resistance 3 flew under the radar outside gaming sites. Game hasn't even reach a million sold yet.

coolbeans2578d ago

I think it will eventually. It was just overshadowed by the marketing of every single other FPS since E3.

Army_of_Darkness2578d ago

Very fun, intense and sometimes even creepy at times:D One of the three best FPS this year.

dinkeldinkse2578d ago

I have to disagree, R:FOM blows R2 and R3 out of the water.

FunAndGun2578d ago

It's because the game changed too much with each release. How can you build a decent fan base when NOTHING stays constant within the series.

I bought FoM and R2 day one, no plans to buy R3.

BoNeSaW232578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I love how the pacing and story has unfolded in the Resistance series. It started with the Invasion and Fall of Man all the way to the Eradication of the Human race where only small bands of survivors are left fighting the Chimera. Awesome!

I'm glad it wasn't the same game over and over like Halo or CoD. I hope Insomniac brings back Resistance on PS4 because I will be getting it day 1!

TopDudeMan2578d ago

I'm getting disgaea 4 when I have the time to play it, but right now I'm swamped with skyrim.

Stealth2k2578d ago

atelier totori should be on there.

And I dont think anyone things generic games like resistance 3 ( which basically bombed), killzone 3( which kinda bombed as well), imfamous 2 are goty contenders.

Uncharted 3 yes....

LightofDarkness2578d ago

But I didn't miss Rayman, it's not out yet here. I fully intend to get it, too.

Venox20082578d ago

If you count multiplats, I can add No more heroes: paradise and Shadows of the damned & Child of eden

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