IGN - The Life and Death of the Original Xbox

IGN - It pushed boundaries, it fell on its face, it changed everything. Our detailed history of the Xbox from inception to extinction.

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hennessey862308d ago

from my xbox, didnt get rid of it until about a year into the 360 life cycle. Great console.

hellvaguy2308d ago

I miss the big original controllers. Wish u could use those on the 360.

egidem2307d ago

Ah...good old giant-friendly Xbox controller. Damn that thing was massive in my tiny hands.

Hicken2307d ago

Agreed. Hated every Microsoft controller since.

JellyJelly2307d ago

Really? You hate the 360 controller? I wonder what controller you prefer. Oh let me guess...

egidem2307d ago

Granted they took the controller and redesigned it, I love the 360 controller. It is a solid piece of hardware that is quite tough. I love that it fits in my hands comfortably. The only thing that sucks about it is the D-Pad and Microsoft's stupid decision of going proprietary on everything. Can't even open the thing to get it cleaned...need special T8 screwdrivers...screw them!

Hicken2307d ago

Well, I've always liked Playstation controllers. They're my favorite. I won't lie about that. No need to hide it. It was a vast improvement over the SNES controller, and seemed pretty intuitive to me.

The original Xbox controller was weird at first, but it grew on me quickly. Then they shrank it down, and I never could get used to that. Needless to say, the 360 controller did not recapture what I liked about the first Xbox controller.

You can disagree all you want, but I like it better than the current one.

bumnut2307d ago

I loved the original Xbox but the original controllers were horrible! It felt like I was holding a microwave!

one2thr2307d ago Show
Venjense2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

I liked Xbox 1 much more than my PS2

...but I should have known then that charging for "access" to the DVD player and those mysterious rings on my discs was a sign of worse things to come

For the amount of money I spent on 360 I could have just built a gaming rig AND bought a PS3.

20gig 360 2006-2007 (RIP) =$400
Live = $60x5 years or $300 (and counting)
Rechargeable Batteries = $20
New controller because analog rubber ripped off = $50
New 250 gig 360 Slim because shit replacements are shit = $300

TOTAL: 1250! plus tax!!

Also, that 20 gig was really only 13.4 gigs, W-T-F, they should have just called it 15 - still pissed about that.

I've just realized that I'm an idiot...but I do love me some Gears and Halo.

Still and idiot though.

NEW-AGE2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

I Sure Love me Some Alien Killing and Steroids..... Highlight is Tha Warth Hog, aint she a Beut, Offroading with My Buddies , dem was Guud Timez, C'Mon Jed Lets Rape us up Some Aliens fer Dinner

Venjense2307d ago

Yes, you've certainly gotten the gist of it.

Especially raping for dinner...

banner2307d ago

I didn't know the name came from directx. I thought that ms couldn't make money because nvidia wouldn't lower there price on the chips. That's why ms attempted to do the gpu the selves this gen.

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