The End of Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD War Cometh January 15, 2008?

Softpedia writes:

"We've talked time and time again about the ongoing war between the two next-generation DVD formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray, and about what each of the two sides is doing in order to achieve victory in this conflict.
However, there are some pretty strong chances that both Sony's and Toshiba's (the two developers and main backers of said formats) plans might be hindered by none other than the Korean company Samsung and its dual-format player, the BD-UP5000."

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ruibing3951d ago

The title really mislead me on what I thought this was all about. A dual format player would be a good solution if it delivers on price as well.

ktchong3951d ago

It really does not say anything... but I approved it anyway.

Kururo3951d ago

this doesnt do anything. heres why,

They make a dual format player, Warner's titles still sell 2:1 on blu-ray but at a higher volume. they still have the dilema of going exclusive to one format or another.

also the pricing is very important. if this dual format player costs more than 800$ i can guarentee it wont do anything to the format war.

Mu5afir3951d ago

If anything this will help the Blu-Ray format.. having a dual format is good for the consumer but BAD for the Studios. Creating two different format costs them more money. The Ps3 is the deciding factor, as it's sales pickup companies will start to go BD exclusive.

Unless, Xbox 360s start pumping out HD-DVD enabled systems, or the Wii decides to go HD-DVD there is nothing else that can hinder the growth of the format.

Jen5en3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I personally could care less if there could be a peaceful co-existence between the two; I just want the god damn exclusivity deals to end! I want to watch Bourne AND McClane in HD without having to invest in two different players.

Ju3951d ago

I can care less. I have both. And it was even cheaper then $800.

Bubble Buddy3951d ago

Noooo, i want Bourne on B) >.>

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The story is too old to be commented.