MW3: “No Weapon Re-balancing Being Discussed Currently” – Robert Bowling

MP1st - Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, talks of future updates and DLC.

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gamernova2551d ago

Really?! Even those damn Akimbos?

Echo3072551d ago

I don't get killed by those very often. I've noticed that most players use assault rifles rather than LMG's or SMG's but outside of that, there's really no one weapon or perk that consistently dominate the games I play. It's pretty well balanced, IMO.

-Alpha2551d ago

Type 95! Don't tell me that isn't OP'd, it's almost always a 1 burst kill and it has a very fast fire rate

Echo3072551d ago

It spits those three bullets out pretty fast but it's still just a burst fire. If it was as weak as the other assault rifles AND just a burst, no one would use it.

Besides, the burst fire makes it pretty ineffective at close range. It's actually a fairly one-dimensional weapon.

If you're up against a bunch of guys using the T95, then you need to adjust your strategy. Work on your gap and positioning. Keep your enemies close and spray 'em with an auto weapon.

-Alpha2551d ago


It's just as lethal at CQC. People turn a corner, hipfire, and get a kill.

Echo3072551d ago


I'm not sure what to tell you. I don't get killed by it all that often (although I don't always watch my kills cams) and my K/D was well below 1.0 when I used it due to how ineffective it was at close range. CoD maps are so small that keeping people close to you is relatively easy, depending on the map.

And if IW (who can see all universal weapon stats) is saying that nothing is so out of sync that it requires a hotfix, I've got nothing left to point to other than the defensive strategy of those going against the T95's.

That said, we all play differently, we're all susceptible to different play styles, so perhaps my lack of issues with the T95 stops at me. :-)

Ezio20482551d ago


its NOT a long range weapon...
So one with an LMG or SMG can easily take those guys using Type 95.

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FlameBaitGod2551d ago

The p90 is too retarded, a guy killed me with hipfire from so far away it made me rage.

OcularVision2551d ago

your fault for just taking it like a b

Heartnet2550d ago

so one guy killed you once with hip fire from far away and now its retarted?


KeiserSosay47882551d ago

I agree with gamernova. Mostly, because I use the crap outta those akimbo FMG's and I see TONS of other guys using them too. Close range, which tends to be where most firefights occur because of the maps, you almost cannot lose with those things. They also have pretty good range if you control your fire. Definitely OP imo.

xAlmostPro2551d ago

the ump is is still just as overpowered as it was in mw2.. sub machine guns should not be able to snipe people in the space of 2 seconds with 2 bullets..

although it does seem like every gun in this game is able to snipe people close to instantly


it's hard to explain but that is what it always feels like when you are getting shot.

When you see their kill cam you see them pump nearly a whole clip into you. while you are playing all you seem to see is the like a quick burst and what feels like one single round hit you and blam you dead and it's so fast it just feels a bit ridiculous.

I still say to this day that Cod4 had it just right. You didn't feel like you had to empty a clip to kill a guy but it's not like it felt like this one round single hit kill every game.

I noticed it a bit in MW2, but felt it a lot more in BLOPS and this feels just about the same as blops IMO. When you see the kill cam you see a different game going on almost.

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dvfaa2551d ago

the only gun i really see as overpowered is the type 95

Hackers_R_Pathetic2551d ago

The only thing I see overpowered in this game is the lag/ framerate. Its also on the xbox section on the forums. I will not waste my $$$ again; BELIEVE ME.

gazgriff2k122551d ago

no lag on ps3 in my experience

Asgaro2551d ago

I don't believe you.
You probably said the same thing after MW2 and after BO.

My last one was MW2 so I actually do stop buying CoD games when I say it.

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frankiebeans2551d ago

every other cod i was a 30+ kills a game this game i cant kill shit every thing is a hall way and all people do is camp the maps suck tryarc is now > IW sadly. cant wait till the next cod hopefully is better

flyinrhyno2551d ago

30+ i call bullshit. if you were good at the other games youd be good at this unless your a camper and the map styles make it tougher for you to post up :P

frankiebeans2551d ago

its actually very true i know know body will believe me but im a rusher i dont have patients to be camping i hate campers. haters gonna hate. lol

DARK WITNESS2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

@ flyinrhyno

I have to say I agree with him as well. I use to go 30+ kills quite easy. If you are on xbox live you can add my gamer tag. My KD in Cod4 was 2.65 and MW2 it was about 2.25 or so.

It's not that I still can't get high kills, but if I really want to it means camping hard, planking on every possible flat surface and to be honest it's just not my play style. it's either that or run around like a headless chicken and spray with akimbo MP.

Cod was never the most tactical game, we all know that, but there was still a reasonable difference between the kind of players that could go 30+ and like 5 or 4 deaths and others that would be like 16 or 17. As one friend of mine put it, anyone can run and spray in MW3 and get lots of kills and unless you camp hard or run and spray as well, nothing much else seems to work or reward your play style..

gazgriff2k122551d ago

there the worst FPS maps ever never mind cod

RurouniKaze2550d ago

dude I die like hell in this COD too ! add me on psn man ! rurouniNinja

flyinrhyno2549d ago

I think they dealt with camping in a smart way, and good matches can be had if you play smart, 30+ kills can still be gotten as a rusher, could it be that the learning curve on these maps is taking longer to get perfected? have you tried watching the videos on elite about the maps and where the flow of the maps are explained? and the 30+ kills you guys are talking about probably 50% or more came from killstreaks? if so thats more of a testament to IW balancing out the game play.

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