How many HD DVD players does Toshiba need to sell to just break even?

Engadget HD writes:

"The red camp loves to tout the number of players sold, just last week they were very proud to let us know that they'd sold 750k players so far. This is great, but with the BDA not saying how many they've sold, it's a number without perspective. One number that does have perspective is the weekly VideoScan numbers which are about 2:1 for the year. While it's easy to say HD DVD needs to double the number of players -- assuming the same attach rate -- there is the very debatable PS3 factor."

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hitthegspot3916d ago

You dream about him, don't you?

PS3PCFTW3915d ago

this war has been over.

Bluray needs a NEW challenger.

mikeslemonade3915d ago

The title doesn't match the article. But to answer the question the more HD-DVD players sell, the more money they lose and the same goes to blu-ray for some players like the PS3. The difference is blu-ray software has a higher attach rate.

Diabloz3916d ago

HD-DVD cant win this war .. with the ps3 and the ps3 is going sky high in sales now so amagin blu-ray won already.

hitthegspot3916d ago

I keep seeing BLOGS about this incredible update. Until the PS3 gets the update, the gloves are off. I hope, for all the PS3 owners out there, you get your update and you don't get pawned. If Sony screws this up there will be a lot of people jumping ship.

Bonsai12143916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

it'll come in january around the same time as the release of resident evil.

honestly, i don't give a rat's butt about picture in picture.. who wants that while watching the movie. even if you are using it for the commentary, its still annoying to see two people sitting there talking. commentary is much better when its just that. people talking; no need to see them doing it

ruibing3916d ago

Well the first Blu Ray movie to even have 1.1 profile just came out middle of this month: Resident Evil: Extinction. It's not like the PS3 and other Blu Ray players can't play it, they just won't be able to access some of the misc content. I buy movies in high def to see it in high def, not its commentaries or makings of.

deeznuts3915d ago

Does anybody use those features? I want to watch the movie. I barely have time to do that, I definitely don't have time to watch the movie twice, and I wont let PIP or director commentary ruin my first viewing, so this is somethign I'm never going to use.

Does anyone use this? Instead of watching it the second time I can be playing games, which is hard to find time to do that as well!

jaja14343915d ago

Do I personally use the extra's? Well no the only real movie that I cared to watch the extras for was LoTR. That being said there is a reason the Collectors Edition sell.

Also PiP in pretty cool for 300. Can't say that I've used it for any other movie though.

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PStriple7033916d ago

HD will just keep fading out...

Antiomo3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Keep emphasizing without ps3 blu-ray will be nothing, which is true.... but if you look at the flipside, we can say the same for hd-dvd.

Without the a2's and a3's all made by toshiba hd-dvd will be nothing.

The difference is blu-ray has more companies selling the stand alone players for those who have more disposible income. Its a freedom of choice.... What if someone really likes hd-dvd but does not like thosiba what do they have...

Ps3ShellShock3916d ago

120 million +

heres a TAP on HD DVD back...good luck

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