Skyrim Glitch: Get 100 Speech

"If you are having troubles in raising the Speech skill in Skyrim, there’s a glitch that you can do to make it level up to 100." - JPS

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360ICE2579d ago

Must... resist... urge... to... cheat.

MightyMark4272579d ago

I think this glitch is better than the ones that allows us to get all 100 skill points for every category.

NEW-AGE2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I Was going to wait for them to release the fix the Frame Rate problem i hear about and for it to be Printed on the new Batch of disk, but they'll patch all these cheats by then , what a dilemma ....... So there isnt a Level 30 CAP anymore, i might buy this

snipes1012578d ago

*Sprints frantically to xbox*

...fuck morals.

360ICE2579d ago

Trying to RESIST my urge to cheat here!

StraightPath2578d ago

Use the Ognum Infinium book to get 100 in all skils in 20mins...

Trenta272579d ago

I used this only because it's a pain in the ass to get speech up. It takes forever. For every other skill, I'm working my ass off for.

Kran2579d ago

Not sure I'm patient enough to do so ;P

acemonkey2579d ago

im doing they messed up on the "no one escapes (i forget the name of the jail)" so im doing thi slol

Kushan2578d ago

Right, I'm seriously getting bored of the multiple Skyrim cheating articles popping up every day. If you want to cheat, that's fine - google will have your answers. But finding a new exploit for a SP game is hardly news worthy, is it?
I understand if it's a multi-player game where other's cheating can affect your game, but single player games? It's not news worthy.

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