Gears of War 3 is Xbox 360 Game of the Year members have voted Gears of War 3 the best Xbox 360 exclusive of 2011.

The game polled 41% of votes, just beating out Forza Motorsport 4, which polled 36% of votes.

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EVILDEAD3602578d ago

Well deserved even if it doesnt get it's deserved overall GOTY nods


Fishy Fingers2578d ago

Be nice to see how many people actually took part in this poll.

Either way, for me, no way was Gears the 360 game of the year (IMO), to similar to the previous titles, I've been sticking to my guns, for me, it's Batman AC or Skyrim on consoles.

Kingdom Come2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

- Horde 2.0 (Huge Improvement)
- Fortifications for Horde (Turrets, Barricades etc.)
- Beast Mode
- Dedicated Servers
- New Multiplayer Modes (New Mode every weekend)
- 4 Player Co-Op Campaign
- Mantel Kick Ability
- Bag and Tag Ability
- Retro Charge Ability
- Enemy Spot Ability
- Weapn Swap Ability
- Ammo Provide Ability
- Retro Lancer
- Digger Launcher
- Incediary Grenades
- Sawed Off Shotgun
- Dedicated Servers (Smooth Connection)
- Engine Upgrades (Better Graphics etc.)
- Multiplayer Ribbons
- Multiplayer Medals
- Weapon Skins
- Character Skins
- Interactive Multiplayer Maps
- New Executions
- New Characters
- Story Written by Karen Traviss
- Lambent Enemies (Three Way Battles)
- Silverback Mechs
- One Shot Rifle
- New Gorgon Pistol
- Iron sights
- And much much more

Funny, I wouldn't say its "too similar to the previous titles"...

TreMillz2578d ago

All you listed was news things added. Did this dramatically change how the game was played? No. Honestly he is somewhat right as you are too. Gears 3 added alot of new features, but it was definitely still same ol gears.

xflo3602578d ago

It's shite like previous titles!!!

2578d ago
Fishy Fingers2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I did read thanks, I'm just giving my opinion, and in this case, I dont think any 360 exclusive deserves GOTY. If I didnt read, I wouldnt question the number of users polled would I?

Again, for the over sensitive list maker up there, it's my opinion, your lists/opinion dont change mine. Same as mine shouldnt effect you.

"Ammo Provide Ability" LOL... GOTY right there.

Kingdom Come2578d ago

I didn't create the list as a means of changing your opinion, I was merely stating that you were incorrect about it being "too similar to previous titles". Each Gears of War game has its own feel and I would be hard pressed to find a game with so many new additions this year...

Fishy Fingers2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

How can my opinion be incorrect to me? It's my OPINION for gods sake.

It feels, TO ME, like the same game I've already sank hundreds of hours into over the last 5 or so years. I'm not saying changes weren't made, or improvements, I'm just saying it felt to similar TO ME for ME to consider it GOTY.

Just to clarify, it's MY OPINION.

And for fear of being labelled bias, it's exactly the same for me and Uncharted.

Bigpappy2577d ago

Is a SEQUEL not difined as a continuation of what was done before it. You guys talk like Gears 3 was the RPG version of Gears. So when you say: "Gear to similar to the previous titles" you really need to explain that. My question now is: Which sequel have you played that was not like the others.

What I really got from your comment is that you never liked gears and was hoping they made it into something else.

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The Meerkat2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

When there ARE only 3 exclusives in 2012 this award is like me winning gold in a sprint against my Mum and my Sister.

Saying that, Gears 3 is my second favourite game of 2012 after Skyrim. Just ahead of Batman.

Kingdom Come2578d ago

My Personal Game of the Year.

2578d ago
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