PS3 Cracks Quicker Than the Rest, Passwords That Is

Ripten writes:

"Want to get yourself some money in double quick time, or get hold of some top secret government documents? Then why not use your PS3 to crack some passwords faster than ever before! Of course we here at Ripten don't condone this sort of behavior, but the PS3 is actually an incredible password cracker, able to crack eight-character passwords in just hours."

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LJWooly3916d ago

I'm not really into all this hacking crap, but that is pretty cool.

ruibing3916d ago

Yeah, even as a CS major, I never really got into the hobby of decoding algorithms, but it's skill a pretty interesting possibility.

PimpHandHappy3916d ago

but i must say that is cool

~~flame this up~~

i bet the 360 can only crack 4 character passwords. Who in there right mind would buy a 360 if it cant even crack 6


Bladestar3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Actually I think the xbox 360 can crack 0 password... Xbox 360 owners are too busy playing actually games with their [game console]. You must be bored ebough and have lots of time to just try stuff with devices that were not designed for certain purposes...

Did you also know that people can wipe their @$$ with $100 bills? Not that anyone would be stupid enough to spend money doing that... cost less to buy toilet paper...

But then again... I think that Microsoft did a great job making a game system.. and Sony did a great job making a password cracker...

xg-ei8ht3916d ago

No, the 360 was cracking a 6 character password, had 5 done, then rrod on the last one, and they never got the password.

killer_trap3915d ago

i've got a xbox360 but i've got to hand it to you, that was so funny i laughed so hard. thanx man.

Diabloz3916d ago

umm even if you buy a ps3 how in the world will u optain that program?

xplosneer3916d ago

Linux and that hack that just came out that opened the cores.

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