EA inches closer to FPS dominance

Remember EA's big talk pre-released of Battlefield 3 where they claimed they wanted to dominate the FPS genre with Battlefield 3 by knocking the 90% share Activision enjoy with Call of Duty to 70%?

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DA_SHREDDER2401d ago

Meh, wasn't really impressed with BF3, not that its bad, but I think it was a bit overrated, I traded in my copy for Killzone 3, LBP2, and Dead Space 2 (gamestop pro members get buy 2 get one free from today till the 27th). I paid 15 bucks more but to me said games are better than BF3.

Hanif-8762401d ago

Personally though Battlefield 3 is definitely up there among the best. Furthermore, its my favourite FPS because its a modern military shooter and the second reason being that it plays alot more realistic than those other shooters. Oh, and the animations, graphics and physics are definitely a plus also :-)

EVILDEAD3602401d ago

LOL @ EA's Anti-Modern Warfare 3 campaign completely backfiring.

The Call of Duty franchise is only in competition with itself..period.

MW3 may end up breaking every record set this gen.

Battelfield's sales are it's own entity and did zero to affect MW3 at all.

It's a shame a quality franchise like BF3 got hyped into no man's land by EA, because after this it may never gain the traction that it desires.

What will truly be interesting is when Respawn finally steps into the arena.

Next gen is when the real fight will begin.


Saladfax2401d ago

Eh, next gen is going to be when the new multiplayer fad emerges or the over-saturated, vaguely realistic modern military shooter finishes bleeding itself dry.


Last time I checked codmw3 on the 360 out sold bf3 on all platform not to even talk of the numbers codmw3 did on all platform. I hardly doubt that is a sign of EA getting closer to FPS dominance,Hate it or love it Cod is still king.Its kind of Godly for a game to sell 12Million in one week alone.

beremy_jeadle2401d ago

I would applaud EA, but as a long time bf fan (2000+ hours over the series) I think they slipped up with this one. Sounds like a cliche, but they tried to steal market share by copying and adapting rather than innovating. The single player was forgetful so you wonder why they put it in when we all know bf = multiplayer focussed. The larger maps are empty, the destruction element has taken a back step, it seemed to have peaked in bc2, sure the effects look a little better, but there is hardly any evidence of it.*sigh*

Gamer-Z2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

That's what i thought too, i don't know i kinda felt like it was it was one step forward two steps back. There was just to much hype for this game and EA showing all that PC footage in the beginning making it seem like the game was going to play like that but instead we get treated to half a game on consoles.

Pikajew2401d ago

I find FPS made by first party companies better than third party companies

NotSoSilentBob2401d ago

If they wanted to compete with MW3 why did they release their game 2 weeks earlier? Why didn't they release it at the same time and then lets see how much they pound their chests.

Vettur2401d ago

ALL the big games came out at that point. thats like saying that bethesda wanted to knock out cod. they came out about the same time ey?

NotSoSilentBob2401d ago

Would have been nice to see them launch at the same time instead of a week apart. You know for a fact that COD would have beaten Skyrims sales(unfortunately).

Vettur2401d ago

for sure. now that activision slowly goes down, EA will get most of the old cod fans.

GraveLord2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Call of Duty is only getting bigger. Battlefield 3 hasn't affect MW3 sales or online players AT ALL.

All the Bad Company 2 players switched to BF3. So any increase in market share with BF3 got negated with the share lost with BC2.

MW3 and Black OPs are still #1 and #2 on Xbox Live(and probably PSN). These games don't cannibalize each other, they compliment each other.

Vettur2400d ago

I talk about more than cod. Activision is going down. all their leaders have left, so they won't hold out for so long.

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