BioShock Patches, Free DLC Coming Next Week

Publisher 2K Games sends word that a few BioShock patches will be released next week, in addition to some free downloadable content for the hit game.

A Title Update to the Xbox 360 version will be released alongside the DLC, while the PC patch will come bundled with the as-yet-unknown content.

2K community manager Elizabeth Tobey also notes that a patch list will be posted on The Cult of Rapture website when the downloads go live.

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Jinxstar3881d ago

OoOoO I will be looking forward to this much. Good times.

Marceles3881d ago

Hmm extra plasmids, I hope they're really cool

sheng long3881d ago

this should be good.
bioshock 360 GOTY.

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The story is too old to be commented.