PS3's Move Closing The Sales Gap with Kinect

Microsoft has done a fantastic job marketing and selling Kinect, which stormed out the gate a year ago while Sony's PlayStation Move has been slow and steady. They've been on very different sales curves, but the hype has been so great for Kinect that you might not realize Move is only about a million units behind Kinect in sales and would appear to be closing the gap.

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NukaCola2582d ago


The reason I got the Move, but like 90% of the Wii line up and the's just not very impressive becuase the software isn't using it to the maximum potential.

EVILDEAD3602582d ago

It's actually not even close.

I bought my move and an extra controller. That is counted as 2 'Moves'.

It's unfortunate that Sony didnt put soome of it's developers on Move early in it's cycle.

I'm still praying for al of the Guncon games to make it to PSN.

I would cry cheers of joy for a Point Blank Collection.

I bought alot more Kinect titles, but I still used my move 100 times more than I used my Wii.

The main 3 I bought were Killzone 3, Tiger Woods 12, and Dead Space exctraction over PSN.

I love Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2 and I am dumbfounded that the best Move game period (Sports Champion) didn't get a dedicated sequel.


yesmynameissumo2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

So "It's actually not even close." why again? Because you bought more Kinect games? Uh...ok.

"The Kinect's weakness has been the sales pattern, where 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. This has led to some concerns."

That says it all. Dance away.

Getowned2581d ago

i have move and the wii the move is way better but the lack of games is driving me crazy,seems like move is only piggy back riding some games and nothing more so far all we have gotten is a lot of crappy party games.least with the wii though there are some games to play like Mario kart which I still play to this day online crazy fun tho I wish there where more maps.

EVILDEAD3602581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

"The Kinect's weakness has been the sales pattern, where 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. This has led to some concerns'
'That says it all. Dance away.'

Actually it DOESNT say it all

Kinect sold 8 million in 2 months and broke guiness records.

In March this year they announce 10 Million Kinect shipped..

That leaves only 6 months unaccounted for..well not exactly.

The last known trend was Kinect made up two thirds of 360 bundles. and the usual suspects are pretending Kinect was supposed to do another 8 million in sales during the two lowest selling quarters for ANY console.

In fact how is it possible for Kinect to do some 'fake' magical numbers when the 360 up through September only sold 6 million consoles.

So if Kinect was responsible for one half to two thirds is actually nothing but 'win' for Micrsoft who is doing fantastic number this deep it's console history..and clearly it's because of Kinect.

I said the difference in counting Move sales vs. Kinect is Kinect is simply the camera or the bundle whereas Sony counts each controller as a Move sale due to the fact that the EyeToy cam already existed. So if you buy the Move bundle and another controller it counts as two Move sales.

So Dance to that


yesmynameissumo2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Regardless of how you try to breaking down what is 1 Move or what is counted or whatever the hell it is your trying to fail. I can't say it any other way. I could give a shit what you choose to believe, but your belief system won't change the fact - 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. Make up your own figures, talk to your neighbors to create your own study, I really don't care. 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. Guinness records ain't helping it. Dance I say! Dance!

EVILDEAD3602581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

'Regardless of how you try to breaking down what is 1 Move or what is counted or whatever the hell it is your trying to fail'

Nope didn't fail..facts are fact..but U also a fact in this many times do you have to curse to make a point...breaking letter on your keyboard won't help your case.

Lol @ pretending that if you say Dance or curse it means anything..


LMAO..'non-response' the facts speak for themselves..I could care less if you curse, use capital letters, or you. sold 8 milion in two months..shipped 10 million in 3 and the the 360 sold a total of 6 million plus in 9 months. There hasnt been another announcment period. So if Kinect is 'crickets' then what is 'Move'? (insert silent insect here)

What a 'maroon' a FAIL..log off and get some air..


yesmynameissumo2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Thank you for supplying the best "non-response b/c you have nothing and know it" reply I've read in some time. Cursing upsets you? Shit, I'll have to stop cursing to help protect your sensitivities, as if you were some schoolgirl. Damn, I said shit! Shit, I said damn! So sorry.

Lol @ your continual blind eye to facts. Here it is again - 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. If anyone's mad, it's you. I mean...look at your rebuttal. That's gotta set off your lame alarm in some shape, form or fashion. Don't get mad man, it's just games. Buy what you like, but when all you can fall back on is a Guinness record, that should be telling ya something. Nevermind the barrage of Kinect sales talk leading up to and after its initial release that has absolutely fallen to crickets chirping. You think its sold 19 billion units, but they're just being quiet cause of Guinness. "What a maroon!" was coined specifically for people like you.


EDIT: I guess I was giving you too much credit regarding your age when I said "maroon". Go ask Mommy and Daddy what dipshits where called by Bugs Bunny. There hasn't been another announcement because their sales haven't been worth talking about. You might not see it as odd that the typical MS rah-rah has died completely for Kinect. That the once - "We've sold a lot!" has pretty much stopped.

"8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold." is from the article Sparky. You might want to read it. Pretty informative. No one said they've sold zero, but they aren't selling enough for MS to shovel it down the gaming press' throats (psst - like they did last year).

SoapShoes2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Geeze EvilDead, you're just making stuff up to suit the Kinect. You make up assumptions about why the Move hasn't done well and make more assumptions why the Kinect is doing so well when you have no facts. All we have to go by are the official figures. I don't know how you got so many bubbles.... -_-

XDF2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )


Did you even read the article? It is 8 million Kinect sold the first two month and total of 10 millions sold in MARCH of this year. Microsoft has not released any figure of sales after March, they will probably release the information by end of the year after the Holiday season. Do you seriously think Microsoft sold zero Kinect sensor/bundle from April to now?

I don't have a Kinect or a Move and can care less about them but the blind fanboyism on N4G is getting out of control.

@yesmynameissumo, Like I said blind fanboyism. So John Doe said it it must be true? :/. Where are your other source Sparky? I mean real sources and not from any guy from the street. You are beating a dead horse buddy.

sikbeta2581d ago

I'm here to say that I don't give a damn about the sales, just give me Sorcery, been waiting for it since the day they showed it!

DatNJDom812581d ago

Wow EvilDead whos dick did u suck to get all those bubbles? And this is supposed to be a sony fanboy site. LOL

ApplEaglElephant2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

That Kinect had 500 million dollars marketing support.

While Move had none.

you can sell tampon as nose bleed stopper with that kind of marketing money.

and also, you reek of butt hurtness.

bozebo2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

"it's just not very impressive becuase the software isn't using it to the maximum potential."

Decent developers do not want to waste their time working on a motion control game for platforms that don't have a major market for motion control games, only if they can launch on the wii too for profits. And lets face it 80% of wiis are just gathering dust now (most of its casual market).

Whenever a decent developer is forced into making a motion control game, they (their employees - who are mostly gamers) don't give a crap about it so it turns out junk.

So, the software is never going to be using it to the maximum potential.

IMHO Kinect and Move have more uses outside games. Kinect can do some cool things (nothing that you'd buy a game for though) and Move can be good for positioning a camera in 3D space (for CGI camera angles that are actually human controlled) but the new Razer thing is far better for that now anyway. Till Kinect can read your finger placement, it's going to be pointless (they always pretend it cares about fingers when acting for the 'milo' crap and other marketing but it physically cannot be programmed to be aware of finger locations).

@ApplEaglElephant +bubs funny

Boody-Bandit2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )


Sold is sold no matter how anyone tries to spin it. I will go 1 further for those that get hung up on shipped vs sold while I am at it. Shipped = sold by the manufacturer and publisher of said products. Once product is in retail hands the companies of said products have already made their money.

They don't give retailers products on consignment. They sell them to the distributors below MSRP, distributors sell them to retailers below MSRP and then retailers try to get full MSRP on said product to make their money.

So debating semantics has nothing to do with the $$$ that the companies making the products already have in their bank. All the spinning in the world wont change that.

The logic, or lack there of, that you are trying to use here (ED360) can be used for all sides in so many of these silly sales articles but none of it matters. The only thing that matters to the companies supplying these products is they got paid.

We can sit here day in and out debating how said product is being utilized. Examples: Most Wii's sit and collect dust and are just a fashionable purchase. XBox 360 console numbers are inflated because of hardware failure and people looking to trade up to a more stable version or custom bundled unit. Some PS3 consumers are buying multiple Move devices for certain titles. <-- That is all opinion / speculation. The FACT is these companies already made their $$$ regardless of how the use the consumer uses or doesn't use their product.

These articles are all fanboy fodder. None of these companies give a damn about us so why does anyone waste time arguing over the profit they are making from us? Are we gamers or stock brokers?

*We now return you to you regular broadcast station where your program is already in session*

oohWii2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Dumbass article written by some fanboy site searching to sensationalize something that isn't there.

These idiots are even tracking the numbers properly.

Move is a system comprising of a "controller" and a "camera" with an optional sub controller.

You can't have move without having both the controller and the camera. Unless these clowns are counting 1 camera for each controller they are counting, they can't count the number as "Moves" sold.

If they are going to count move controllers then they should be compared to other controllers, ie. the dualshock or 360 controller.

But, move and kinect complete are motion control systems and should be counted with the minimum required parts before they are considered.

Seriously only a deluted fanboy would see this otherwise.

Kinect and Move have both have done nicely for themselves, and the sell of them versus one another is very difficult because of how Move is broken down.

Dee_912581d ago

You do know that Move numbers arent only the Move Controller right?I thought people figured this out a long time ago .. apparently .. not

oohWii2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

@Dmarc - "You do know that Move numbers arent only the Move Controller right?I thought people figured this out a long time ago"

Please explain to me how you know that, and how they track those numbers. Additionally how do they know when a person buys the camera that they are indeed buying it for Move and not for Singstar or something.

My PS3 camera was purchased when I bought Singstar. I added the Move Controllers and sub controllers later.

Iroquois_Pliskin2581d ago

@evildead360 to get the maximun of the ps move, you have to own a ps3.

Dee_912581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

@ohwii aystation-move-preliminary-sal e s-figures-in/
It says when counting the Move hardware they count the Starter Kit .. Not just the Move Controller. If they did it the way you think they might as well list the Nav controllers sells and PSeye sells
Hell lets list the amount DS3s sold while were at it.

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El Nino2582d ago

Agreed. Demo i saw way back looked really good, showed the move in a really postive light. Don't understand why its gone off the radar, who were the developers?

Abriael2582d ago

Will be playable at the Sony winter showcase in NY.

PSX992582d ago

When is that show and where in ny?

Berserk2582d ago

Wondering that to! Its pretty impressive by Move, since Microsoft did spend 500 million to advertise the Kinect.

egidem2581d ago

Precisely. The fact that they spent that much to advertise kinect, the initial high surge in sales (8 mil in 2 months) and then the slow stretch of 2 mil in the next 2 months shows that more people bought the device out of hype.

nondecaf2582d ago

@ fluffy ign posted I think a week ago that this December at a holiday event that sorcery is getting a hand on demo.

ssb31732582d ago

That looked really cool aswell, i really want it to come out, whole reason i bought the move

Raoh2581d ago

I have nothing to say except that I agree with fluffydelusions ...

"Where the Got Dam is Sorcery?"

showtimefolks2581d ago

i think going forward move will have some cool games. Overall both kinect and move have done nicely since launched.

all i know is since all these motion controllers were launched its about dance and exercise games

beastgamer2581d ago

Like I said M$ is doing it wrong. Spending over 100 million in Kinect Ads, with garbage games. Dance Central is probably the only exception.
With 100 Million I can form a studio and make an exclusive game. How many games you know cost 100 million to make.

TheMrMadzen2581d ago

It's coming as a playable demo at some gaming conference this Winter!

Old McGroin2581d ago

@ ApplEaglElephant

"@EVILDEAD Funny how u dont metion the fact
That Kinect had 500 million dollars marketing support.

While Move had none."

Eh, I'm pretty sure I've seen a few advertisements for the Move since it came out buddy which suggests to me that there was at least a few bucks spent on its marketing!

Out of interest, where do people on N4G keep getting the marketing budgets for games related stuff? And don't say Google, I mean where can someone find legit info on that sort of thing? For instance, where did ApplEaglElephant discover that the Kinect had a marketing budget of 500 million?

Krew_922581d ago

I agree, but I have an off-topic question.

Why do the Read full story >> not open a new tab like it used to? Is it a bug? I was hoping anyone would know,or if it was only me experiencing this.

Anyways I bought the Move and have not used it much, the last time I recall using it was with LittleBigPlanet 2. But the Move is great fun, and I might buy the House of the Dead: Overkill.

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Venjense2582d ago

Who cares, Move has no games.

I love it with Killzone 3 but I bought it more for dedicated Move games, that either all suck or don't exist.

donniebaseball2582d ago

It's not like Kinect has any great Kinect exclusives either. I'm not thrilled with either Move or Kinect.

NYC_Gamer2582d ago

both kinect/move lack any real software that would make me run out and buy the hardware

mugoldeneagle032581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Is going to be the year Kinect sales go off.

I work at Best Buy and we've been running a $100 gift card deal w/ the 4GB bundle all week and I've sold probably 7-8 during a shift. Almost none with accessories. It's just automatic to consumers.

They've re-bundled the sensor with Fruit Ninja & Gunstringers (Not great games, but free regardless) and I've seen a lot of ads on major networks (ESPN, NBC, FOX) etc.

I'm not a Kinect fan of any kind this is solely from a retail sales standpoint. And from what I see on the sales floor.

DonaldBeck2582d ago

i want to see a manhunt game use move.

donniebaseball2582d ago

Given the ridiculous controversy over the Wii version of Manhunt I doubt that sort of thing will happen.

rob60212582d ago

I would love to see it used with 1:1 in GTA 5, when you have a weapon like a golf club/baseball bat/sword. Seems like a good fit for the game.

TheBlackMask2582d ago

Least with Move I have the choice to play some amazing first party games with move. Not like you can play Halo/Gears with Kinect.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2582d ago

Please keep Kinect out of Halo or Gears Microsoft! I'm kinda annoyed that the next Fable is going to be a Kinect game.

mcstorm2582d ago

Yes you can halo cea lets you use kinect and so does forza 4.

But anyway looks like move is selling better as the year has gone by but what people are forgetting is you need 2 move controller an eye toy and a 2 navs for more than 1 player. so when you look at it that way its not on the sae number as kinect as you only meed one device.

To me both ms and sony are just testing the water with kinect and move for next gen when ms will bring out a new designed controller and kinect 2 bundled with the next xbox and i see sony keeping move but have it replacing the ds3. Sonys biggest problem is there are no must have games just for move as you can use the ds3 and games like cod fifa ect dont support move when ms are starting to get more games using kinect support but again its big names cod fifa ect dont support kinect.

cstyle2582d ago

You can also play them without move. Lets face it, both lack games but move doesn't hardly have anything. They need more original titles. At least kinect has the games. They may not be the greatest but at least they are supporting it.

Biggest2581d ago

There are just as many "games" for Move as Kinect if you care to count things like Sesame Street and DisneyLand. The thing with Move is. . . It actually works with things people like. Killzone is OUTSTANDING with the Move. Heavy Rain is a new experience with the Move. Yes, you can play them without the Move. That doesn't change the fact that they're awesome with the Move. You can play Halo with Kinect. . . Wait. Nevermind.

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blackburn102582d ago

And what does Kinect have? A bunch of games that are either ignored, play crappy, look crappy or are so simple minded that it makes your head spin that get mostly average or below average scores?

I don't know about you but I would rather play with Move on KZ3 that works rather then flail around pointlessly with Kinect games while people insist that you are doing it wrong and that the low scores don't matter

mendicant2582d ago

What does Kinect have to do with Move being a piece of shit? Kinect has games that people buy, like and play. What games for Move are doing that?

Yeah, thought so. You can continue hating now.

Anon19742582d ago

"Who cares, Move has no games."

Doesn't Move have almost 100 games already? You're telling me out of all those titles, you only played KZ3 and then threw up your arms and went "Well, that's all there is." Did you even look?
And what the hell do you mean you only want to play Move dedicated games? That's like buying a car and saying "I'm only going to drive it to places that only my car will go." Who would do that? And then you sit back and moan, "My car won't go anywhere!" At the risk of sounding offensive, I seriously have to ask...are you a fool?

Anyway...I called this a couple of quarters ago with Kinect. Microsoft was yelling Kinect numbers from the rooftops at first, then suddenly...crickets. The second Kinect numbers weren't being crowed about 2 quarters ago, I knew something was up - and I was mocked for even suggesting that maybe MS didn't want to talk Kinect sales anymore for some reason.

Now we know why.

2581d ago
EVILDEAD3602581d ago

LOL @ Darktroll

Name those 100 titles that exist right can't

The article is as silly as what people are pretending 'suddenly' happened to Kinect.

Micrsoft announced it's record numbers and the article is pretending it suddenly did bad because there were no more announcements.

But that is like pretending that no more Kinect bundles sold in the two months in the 3rd quarter.

10 Million sold in 6 months..3 months and the 360 still topped NPD on the strenth of Kinect.

From January through September 2011 two Kinect titles made the NPD top 20 sales chart. (Kinect Sports and Dance Central)

This is significant because not one PS3 exclusive made the NPD top 20 sales.

Those are the facts and even can't spin that one as they try to do for every Microsoft related article.


KingSlayer2581d ago

Here's at least 75.

Beat Sketcher*
Blue Toad Murder Files* (via PSN software update)
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011
Dance on Broadway
Dance Dance Revolution
Dead Space Extraction*
de Blob 2
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance*
echochrome II*
Fast Draw Showdown*
The Fight: Lights Out
Funky Lab Rat*
Get Fit With Mel B
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part Two
Heavy Rain (via PSN software update)
High Velocity Bowling* (via PSN software update)
Hustle Kings* (via PSN software update)
John Daly’s ProStroke Golf
Killzone 3
Kung Fu Rider
Little League World Series 2010
MAG (via PSN software update)
MLB 11: The Show
Michael Jackson: The Experience
Modern Combat: Domination*
NBA 2K11
Pain* (via PSN software update)
Planet Minigolf* (via PSN software update)
PlayStation Move Ape Escape*
PlayStation Move Heroes
Racquet Sports
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (via PSN software update)
Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves*
Singstar Dance
The Sly Collection
Sports Champions
Start the Party
Swords & Soldiers* (via PSN software update)
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest
The Shoot
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (via PSN software update)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12
Time Crisis: Razing Storm
Top Darts*
Top Spin 4
Toy Story 3: The Video Game (side modes via PSN software update)
TRON: Evolution
TV Superstars
UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System
Under Siege*
Virtua Tennis 4
Yoostar 2
Zumba Fitness
BioShock Infinite
Carnival Island
Child of Eden
Dungeon Defenders*
DUST 514*
Everybody Dance
EyePet and Friends
GoldenEye 007: Reloaded
The House of the Dead Overkill – Extended Cut
LittleBigPlanet 2 (via upcoming PlayStation Move Pack PSN software update)
Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest
NBA 2K12
No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath*
PixelJunk lifelike*
Resistance 3
Star Trek
Wanted Corp*

*Denotes a downloadable PSN title

Oner2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

God I love it when certain types of "gamers" (who honestly don't know what the F they are talking about) gets put in their place with REAL proof. It's the best form of "STFU" possible.

+Agree & +Well Said KingSlayer & Darkride66

EVILDEAD3602581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

@ Kingslayer

Anybody copy and paste a list of proposed games and count them..

I said name 100 that 'exist' name 75 and some of the games arent released. Good luck playing Dust 514, Sorcery, Star Trek, Bioshock Infinite etc.

Now try to make a list of Move only game and see big your list is.

And that's where Sony dropped the ball..trying to pretend playing games like NBA 2K11 with Move instead of a controller is even close to a better experience is silly.

But thanks for the list..I've purchase 16 of em'

Personal Top 3

Sports Champions
Top Darts
Killzone 3

Sleeper of the Move collection is 'Start the Party'

Just my take

@ Oner

Please enlighten me of the real proof..since your a 'certain' kind of gamer.


MuleKick2581d ago


So, you ask a question, get an answer, and in an effort to save face, edit your question and pound your chest as if you were right all along?
What a shame. "Name 100 games".
In 1 year?
You play 100 games a year?
100 games this generation maybe.
At least be realistic.

Oh, here's a link.


EVILDEAD3602581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

@ Dr. Practical

'So, you ask a question, get an answer, and in an effort to save face, edit your question and pound your chest as if you were right all along?'

LMAO @ this topic bringing out the hilarious fan kid wackiness we unfortunately see on this site on a daily basis.

The one thing I will always do is keep it 100% real..if it is an opinion then it's my opinion..if it's FACT then it's FACT..disagree with fact with emotion or as many fake accounts as you want but it wont change fact.

I NEVER edited ANY question..

Let's review the FACTS and use your wiki link to do it.

I'll break it down as slooow as possible for the people who want to pretend that I'm not using FACTS

1. Darkride asked 'Doesn't Move have almost 100 games already

2. I responded 'Name those 100 titles that EXIST right can't'

3. Kingslayer listed 75..but included games that do not exist now. Because anybody can copy and paste 'lists' on the internet. If you are a fan of N4G like I am then you will see plenty of them.

4. I pointed out that even in that list of 75 you had games (some were only just announced at last year's E3) that don't 'exist' like Bioshock:Infinite, Dust 514, Sorcery etc.

5 You bring out the obvious Wikipedia link which proves EXACTLY what I said before..

Wikipedia states:

There are currently 85 (exclusive: 46; multi-platform: 39; PlayStation Network games: 17; Upcoming games: 16; Existing games: 54) games on this list.

AGAIN..54 Games 'Exist' not 100..not 75..I repeat according to Wikepedia on 54 Move releated games currently exist (my original point was there are not 100)

Either way NONE of this matters

I love Motion control games..especially the party ones and own all of them Move, Kinect, and Wii..

They ALL have advantages and disadvantages..period

Of the 75 move games Kingslayer listed I own 16 of them. This isn't bragging rights for N4G.I actually spent my hard earned money because I wanted these games.

I've stated MY faves (as recommendation to future Move owners) and I will continue to support my investment..unlike the usual suspects who only 'talk' about Move and clearly don't own it.

I called it exactly like it is. The usual suspects can disagree all day, but still havent proved me wrong at all.

So I laugh at 'Yeswhatever' making Bug Bunny references (pretending I'm a kid) and 'DatDom' mad for zero reason. It's a shame when you call it simply like it is all of a sudden people's reading comprehension is only as good as their console of choice.

I salute the ACTUAL gamers who support Move and Kinect..if those are your types of games and you have fun with them don't be scared of the usual suspects (and their multi accounts) on this site who spew negativity on a daily basis.

It is what it is


Gam3rSinceBiRTH2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

EvilDead won this argument pretty easily. He does have a legitimate argument about how Sony counts Move sales. Move is multiple parts, right? You would need 5 pieces to have more than 2 players for Move, right? So....

... How in the world can Sony count sales any other way but with every piece sold? It's pretty safe to say that they do count each piece sold. And if that's the case, Kinect sales are very impressive considering it's only 1 piece.

Unless this web site knows something I don't, I'll just put it up with the rest of the garbage sites that come on here.

insomnium22581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )


"He does have a legitimate argument about how Sony counts Move sales. Move is multiple parts, right?"

I'm at a loss. What in the hell does this matter in any way. One sold Move is one sold move. you could atleast bring up some real numbers from the software side of things if you want to proove something. As it stands anyone who say the same thing about move being multiple parts is only arguing for the sake of arguing.

Show some real numbers about Kinect games selling 2-3 times the numbers that Move games do and you might be onto SOMETHING. God knows what you get even from that since what do we care about software numbers or even HW numbers for that matter?

If you x360 folks had been quiet about Kinect being the best there is and absolutely crushing Move in every possible way you wouldn't have to be this awkward when news like this pops up.

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sikbeta2581d ago

Sport Champions rock! best quality move title out there

kikizoo2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

ridiculous xboys misinformations, dedicated or not, when you can play with move, it's a move game (kz3, heavy rain, r3, etc : who has better games playable with motion control ?)...and for the "only move" ones, you have house of the dead, time crysis, sport champion, all the dances stuff, party games, a lot of puzzle, snooker, golf, all the fitness stuff, boxe, medieval, etc etc

edit : kinslayer 1/evil dead 0

byt he way, it's funny to see the buthhurt fanvoyz crying about "bububu navy counts as sales" when no ones knows if it's true...delusional/denial boyz in full fest.

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TheBlackMask2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Wow....all that money Microsoft put into Kinect when they could of used it for first party studios, new IPs or even something new and differen't......and for what, an early start in sales with Kinect. Now Sony is closing in it seems like a waste to be honest.

Sony played it cool and look whats happened, it's payed off for them in the end

[email protected] mendicant

Yeah thats exactly what I got out of it, they are closing the sales gap meaning wasting all that money of Kinect was pointless, Sony has still caught up......sorry guess you wouldn't of liked it if Microsoft took 500 million and spent it on something benefiting you as a core gamer instead of the crappy casual mistake.

Marquis_de_Sade2582d ago

Compare the cost of Move to Kinect. In fact don't bother, as at over double the cost, there's no point in comparing the cost of Kinect to Move.

mendicant2582d ago

Man you're stupid. That's what you got out of this?

maniacmayhem2582d ago

MS made a ton of money off of Kinect. That was their goal all along. It had nothing to do with widening or closing any gap with Sony's Move.

D3mons0ul2582d ago

Microsoft - Not really putting out games anymore
Sony - Still putting out games

It was only a matter of time.

Goozex2582d ago

Sorcery trailer coming in dec. I have a move but haven't really used it lately but with a sharpshooter THAT might change my mind. Black fri gotta have it cheap somewhere.

Hicken2582d ago

Ten bucks for a used one at any GameStop.

Goozex2581d ago

Where? Gamestop says 30.00.