Skyrim is a Work of Art - Review (GameXplain)

GameXplain: "Skyrim is a work of art. While it accomplishes nearly everything a modern video game can hope to, unlike many other games, it does not attempt to function on the terms of any other medium. Prose and cutscenes make up parts of the whole, but you are almost never allowed to forget that this is an interactive experience. Though the narrative has a penchant for the epic, you can walk away from most events and interrupt most conversations (But I doubt you’ll want to)."

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newsguy2551d ago

Overrated. Oblivion is better.

ssb31732551d ago

Obviously, just look at it, it looks amazing

TrollBurner2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

It's an awesome game to look at.I should know because thanks to all the freezes,stutters and framrate drops,I get plenty of time to stare at my screen before having to get up and pull the plug and reset.My save file size is 13MB on my PS3 and half the time it's like I'm looking at a slideshow of screenshots.Bethesta should really hire some game testers to try the PS3 versions of their games.I honestly can't believe they never knew about these problems before release.
Try playing the fucking game after your PS3 save hits 13MB.It's because stupid retards just accept this shit that we still go through this crap.I payed €60 for this game and I fucking demand that Bethesda go fuck themselfs and give me my fucking money back.Or at least give me a patch-I'd accept any at this point.

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