Hideo Kojima, Just Stop Doing Metal Gear Solid

Jim Sterling, "For those who don’t follow the development cycle of Metal Gear Solid games very closely, allow me to tell you how a new game in the series is made. First of all, Hideo Kojima says he will not be directing it. A month later, Hideo Kojima starts to direct, write, produce, and essentially make the whole damn thing. The mad professor of videogames has attempted — or least pretended — to quit the Metal Gear Solid franchise numerous times, but every time he ends up attached as the leading brain. If you’re a follower of games and you’re tired of MGS’ endless bait-and-switch silliness, you’re not alone — Hideo Kojima himself seems pretty damn sick of it as well."

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NYC_Gamer2582d ago

i believe he is being held back from his true creative ideas by konami.i would have been happy if the MGS series ended with 4....

PirateThom2582d ago

When Konami release reports, Metal Gear gets its own heading and is always, by far, the most profitable franchise for Konami, some years more than everything else combined. He's also head of Konami Digital Entertainment as well as Kojima Productions. While he has, pretty much, free reign in terms of what he can do, he still has to answer to shareholders and he's is still expected to make a profit for Konami, simple as that, which is why Metal Gear games are being released so often, why there's remakes on the HD platforms and handhelds, why there's a game being made by the Kojima Productions secondary team, why there's so much MGS related merch... Konami need MGS. The only consistant thing is that, up to now, the quality of the franchise has been quite high, even when he handed control over to someone else (Portable Ops), there was still a good quality level.

I, honestly, think he would give anything to work on Snatcher or ZoE or a new franchise and that's why he's hoping Rising is sucessful, so he can basically back away from the series and leave it in the hands of others while he works on something he's interested in.

Nitrowolf22582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

He's been working on a few other projects that haven't been announced yet. Something tells me one is zone of enders 3.

People say that he should stop and give it to a new team, but Kojima has said before that he has tried that and it's hard to let go of something you worked on only to have it handed down to someone who might ruin it.

If Rising succeeds then I think he will be okay on letting MGS go

trouble_bubble2582d ago

He had a hand in last year's Castlevania, didn't he?

DeadManMcCarthy2582d ago

yeah its time for metal gear solid to end, im the biggest fan of the series but im getting tyred of the same plot every single game, destorying a metal gear tank every game is getting really old.

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Venox20082582d ago

Just DON'T STOP MAKING METAL GEAR! please :) and please make Metal gear acid 1 & 2 3DS on one cartridge please :)

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