Pay for the Pain

According to IGN: "The hits keep on coming for Pain, Sony's latest downloadable title that has players launching a character and banking points on how much damage the human projectile does. As IGN reported earlier, two of the in-game characters -- Santa and the curvy Cookie -- are giving gamers error messages when folks try to play as the Christmas-themed duo. The ensuing note asks that PS3 owners reinstall the game."

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EZCheez3916d ago

I like the game and all but they could at least give out a free character since they were keeping secrets.

Also, I'm getting sick of this new trend with games launching that immediately have downloadable content. If something is ready at launch it should be included in the game. Whoever invented microtransactions can eat me.

pwnmaster30003916d ago

were do i find the default router on the ps3

Clinton5143916d ago

They could have atleast waited to act as if it was content that they haven't created one downloads are crooked. :(

At least the game is fun without those two characters.

razer3916d ago

and worth the price?? I really wish PSN had demo's of all their titles like Xbox Live has so you can at least see if it's worth it.

I just starting getting into Flow, Everyday Shooter and Calling All Cars since they were on sale. All of these are great. When I'm playing these games I really feel like Sony is trying to be different in it's games, something that I don't really feel in a lot of Xbox Live Arcade titles.. Plus I'm sick of retro-evolution versions of the stuff they keep releasing.. I mean come on Asteroids Evolved??

Armyless3915d ago

I recommend it to eveyone I meet that just bought a PS3.

it's FUN

aiphanes3916d ago

For $9.99 it is awesome....Microsoft is gonna charge $15 to download Halo 1...which i think is a ripoff....

chester3916d ago

i'm sorry, but are you comparing in any way pain to the original halo? pain looks like some stupid fun, and i'll be buying it when they get the bugs fixed, but c'mon now.

solidt123915d ago

No dude read what he said. He is talking about how much DLC is costing. I believe is just stating that a last gen download shouldn't cost more than a New original Game download and had nothing to do with which game is better. Calm down...

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