5 epic video-game challenges you must try

Tired of just beating the game like everybody else? Here's five ways in five games to make things slightly insane, far more interesting, and entirely glorious.

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Sadie21002497d ago

I still can't decide whether that Dead Rising 1 achievement was worth the time I put into it. I'm proud to say I killed the 54,000 zombies. Not proud of the time away from my life it took to accomplish that.

acemonkey2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

the 7days survivor mode is harder....i believe that whats its called but most of that i got besides....zelda no swords

Venjense2496d ago

You know the human beings don't live forever right?

Perjoss2496d ago

Yes, that's why you should spend your time doing mostly what you love, if that 1 thing is gaining difficult video game achievements then dont let anyone stop you.

RedDevils2496d ago

I be getting out of the house and play some sport, rather than stuck in the house like a no life playing games all days lol

No FanS Land2496d ago

finish Zelda without ever upgrading your health bar, just 3 hearts for the whole game.

snipes1012496d ago

@Reddevils...maybe on one of those days when you get out your house to "play some sport" you could swing by a school and take a class or two on basic grammar.

As for feeling regretful on that achievement...fuck it if you were gaming and you love gaming everyone who gives you that "no life" garbage can shove it.

RedDevils2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

@snipes101 oh did I hurt your feeling, I know the truth hurt :)

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SybaRat2497d ago

Ocarina without swords? Seriously?

LoaMcLoa2497d ago

Number 6: Beat Silver Surfer

Knock yourself out

Oldman1002497d ago

Beat WaW on veteran without getting killed by a grenade.

nskrishna22496d ago

The AI is so intelligent they chuck 4 grenades under your feet /s

_Aarix_2496d ago

Even when there's no ai in sight

snipes1012496d ago

I literally counted the grenades on my indicator to 7 before I died. I hadn't counted them all.

jthamind2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

i've gotten 242 stars in SMG2, and i've survived a six star GTAIV wanted level without cheats. i haven't tried the others.

all of those on the list are easy mode compared to stuff like beating Ultimate Ninja 1 or 2 on NGS2 as Ryu.

hay2497d ago

Challenge accepted.

jthamind2497d ago

search for me on youtube if you need help on how to beat it, i've beaten Ultimate Ninja 1 a few hundred times and Ultimate Ninja 2 about 40 times (no exaggeration).

DasTier2496d ago

Escaping 6 stars was disappointingly easy though, drive or even walk into the subway and BAM no one follows you as you run out the search zone...

Elwenil2496d ago

Exactly. All you have to worry about is making it through the underground stations but it's not that big of a deal most of the time.

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The story is too old to be commented.