DICE Reveals “Next” Battlefield 3 Patch Details

MP1st - The latest Battlefield patch has been out for a full day now but already, fans are craving more, and perhaps rightfully so. Details of a new patch have been revealed.

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Criminal2578d ago

I'm happy to see both BF3 and MW3 being patched with multiple updates, but I just wish for the next iterations in both franchises to have better games right out of the gate. Specially, MW3 is having a lot of problems.

DasBunker2578d ago

i lold @ the MW Ad before the article... ugh i thought it was info for the consoles patch.. better happen this same week >:/

Criminal2578d ago

We can only hope. May be DICE should try and convince Sony and Microsoft to speed up the certification process specially we have already waited this long.

Kahvipannu2577d ago

Well, Dice have brand new engine, and way more complex game than MW, so I can understand there will (obviously) be things to adress after launch.

In the case of MW, I just don't know what excuse to use.. Five games on same engine, similar/simple gameplay, still problems...

Bolts2577d ago

Maybe using the same engine is precisely the problem. Can't polish a turd.

dadaownsall2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

@Bolts man dude u made my day!

john22578d ago

DICE should have all the updates in one patch considering how long we waited for it

Criminal2578d ago

Do you think BF3 as a total package is overrated? Or the MP portion?

Mister_V2578d ago

While BF3 may SEEM overrated, just keep in mind that DICE has worked for and earned their following through years of high quality games. I would be a mistake to confuse the two.

Septic2578d ago

The MP is underrated, if anything. It is brilliant.

Had a chance to play this yesterday on PC and I'm loving some of the changes, especially the Jet buff vs infantry. Still, there is a long way to go and DICE clearly aren't resting on their laurels with this game.

bozebo2578d ago

BF3 is not overrated :/

It does everything it says on the tin + more and any FPS lover will enjoy it loads. Best, gunplay, ever.

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sovietsoldier2578d ago

bye bye irnv bye bye your days of over powered cheap kills are over bye bye!

SITH2578d ago

Boy get over yourself. This person just learned it was a IRNV scope, not a xray scope like he thought it was (which doesn't exists). There is not a thing in battlefield 3 I have seen that is not real. Yes even the guided HEAT round for the tanks is real. In real life the FLIR (IRNV scope) is even more effective than what is depicted in this game. If anything dice needs to make it more effective with longer range like it has in the campaign.

And after it gets screwed over what next? Gonna whine over the bullets moving to fast, or the claymores (5% as effective as the real thing) killing you. Always something to nerf and always noobs crying for it.

krazykombatant2578d ago

Someone seems butthurt that they won't be able to hide in a little dark corner, or be able to look into the thickness the brush and won't be able to spot people ridiculously easy. The IRNV is a night vision scope not a (BIG BREATH) "protectyoureyesfromthesu nandspotalltheradioctivepeople& quot; scope.

It is a necessary nerf. I personally don't have that many problems with claymores, rarely run into them.

SignifiedSix2578d ago

@Krazy: Lol, you're the one that seems butthurt. Mad because people kill you in a videogame that you cant see. And if you were smart, you would know that you can use those scopes during the day.

Do some research before you speak, kid.

SITH2577d ago

No IRNV independently caused these stats high speed.

Kills 3 982
Deaths 963
K/D Ratio 4.135
Kill assists 1 284
Score/Min 270
Quits 5%
Vehicles Destroyed 937
Vehicles Destroyed Assists 166
Avg. Weapon Accuracy 8%
Longest Headshot 422 m
Kill Streak Bonus 27
Skill 796
Squad Score Bonus 60 980
Repairs 2
Revives 16
Heals 724
Resupplies 1 314

Cosmit2577d ago


Sure. But your score per minute is garbage. Play the damn objective!

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CrimsonEngage2578d ago

You must die a lot by people who use it because you suck.

cyborg69712578d ago

I tried that scope and its not op. Anyone saying that is a no talent assclown.

Mister_V2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

The thing that I take away from all this complaining about BF3 and MW3 is that both games had VERY high expectations. Which, to me, is a good thing and means that people care about these franchises enough to want them to succeed. To a community like us, I don't thing games like these will ever satisfy everyone since we only expect the greatest, which I think we deserve :) They just need to find a happy medium.

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