Ghost Recon: Future Soldier won't be coming to the PC

DSOGaming writes: "Oh boy, it seems that today there are a lot of bad news for PC gamers. After the cancellation of Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection’s PC version, another one bites the dust. So, if you were looking forward to Ubisoft’s upcoming third person action-stealth game that will be based on the Ghost Recon series, you’ll have to buy a console. Why you ask? Because Ubisoft decided to cancel the game’s PC version. Oh yeah, no Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for PC gamers because you would pirate the hell out of it. Instead of Future Soldier, all those greedy PC gamers can go and play Ghost Recon Online that is free-to-play."

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NYC_Gamer2285d ago

i'll just have to settle for the best console version of the game

Fishy Fingers2285d ago

So, Wii-U if your looking to play it in a decent resolution.

Joking aside, shame really, Ubi really dont seem keen on the PC lately, of course piracy is largely they're excuse, but in many cases it is the DRM that pushed PC gamers to pirate their products in the first place.

Ahh well. Looks like I'll be firing up a console..

Hufandpuf2285d ago

woah. R6 began as a PC game. Why would they do that?

Jobesy2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

You're starting that crap argument? Just because something was started on a pc doesn't mean the devs have to stay faithful to it. Why don't the pc crowd stay faithful to devs and actually BUY games instead of pirating them? Good move Ubi, screw the pc elitists, the industry doesn't need them.

@C_Menz, there would be no drm if people did not pirate games so much in the first place.

C_Menz2285d ago

If you look up Ubisoft's DRM and the issues they have had with it then you will realize why some PC gamers avoid or pirate their games.

Personally I haven't played a Rainbow Six or Tom Clancy game in about 10 years. The franchise isn't really that great anymore. Future Soldier may prove otherwise, but I doubt I will buy it on my ps3 when I hardly touch it shooter wise anymore.

LightofDarkness2285d ago

How about you pull your head out of your ass and smell the fresh air: PC games have been outselling console games for years.

I know, MW3 sold like crazy on 360. But if you look at it, only COD sells like that on consoles. Other games barely get a look in, with the exception of the GTA and Madden/FIFA games.

"You're starting that crap argument?"

Does your own medicine taste bitter?

DonaldBeck2285d ago

sucks for pc users wanting this

papashango2284d ago

I'm not sure if you know this but the r6 pc fanbase pretty much abandoned all hope for tom clancy games after vegas.

the forums back then were pretty explosive. But then we all know r6 will never reach the online popularity of rogue spear and ghost recon ever again.

M1chl2285d ago

I am a console guy myself, but...WHAT??

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The story is too old to be commented.