2011 Buyer’s Guide: Xbox 360 versus PS3

HQ4Games says: "With the gift giving season coming close, many potential consumers might be contemplating which current-gen video game system is worth the $200-$400 price tag. Both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have fluctuated in popularity and positive reviews since 2006. Yet the question for any conscious consumer is simple; what is the best purchase now? This article will attempt to objectively present strong points and flaws of both gaming systems".

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Wizziokid2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

"There’s a running gag that the PS3 has no games."

has there? from what I recall it's the other way around :S
I'm not trolling but PS3 has more core exclusives than 360...

anyway the best way to pick a console to buy is to look at the games, which console offers the games which appeal to you more, if you can't decide on the games front look at value, what's your price rang, how often will you play etc

for example you won't want to pay for xbox live if you only play online once or twice a week.

there's no way anyone can determine what console you should buy, it's all up to you.

blumatt2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

It's certainly got a ton of exclusives just from THIS year and several more coming out this next year. Sony has never been short of stellar exclusive games. And that won't change for the PS4. I'm sure it'll have one hell of a launch.

As far as Live vs. PSN, it's all a matter of what your friends have, really. There's VERY little difference in the online other than cross game chat. As far as playing your games online, they play exactly the same. I have both and play both.

It's hard to ignore the fact that the PS3 has a 3D-capable Blu Ray player, if you're a true technophile/videophile. It's also capable of full 7.1 surround sound in both movies and games. Yeah, I know streaming movies is all the rage with Netflix and Vudu, etc., but Blu Ray still looks noticeably better and I prefer a disc medium myself. And Netflix doesn't require you to pay extra on PS3. On the 360, you HAVE to be a Gold member to use Netflix.

Also, I prefer the dollar system for currency instead of the points system. It's a hassle having to figure up how much X amount of points is. Yeah, I know it's 400 points for every $5, but that just seems like unnecessary math to me. haha

Either way you go, there's some great games and experiences to be had. And both systems are selling for great prices on Black Friday.

XBL: Blu Matt
PSN: blumatt

ABizzel12554d ago

Both are great, and easy to recommend, but one thing to take note of is Live isn't as safe as many would make you believe.

I just got my account hacked earlier this month, and my entire friends list was deleted and all my MS points were spent. MS is handling the situation, and will reimburse me for everything, but take a look online and you'll see this is happening to a lot of people across the globe (IGN editors, pro gamers, and more).

guitarded772554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

If you have the money, buy both!!! I gots 2 PS3s and 2 360s and each have great features. If I had to pick one, all fanboy BS aside, I'd have to go with the PS3 because of the exclusives... I love Gears of War, but Sony has so many great exclusives. But that's just my opinion.

Oh, poorly written "article" by the way.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32554d ago

Can you still not send a voice message on PSN?

kreate2554d ago

how can this be a buying guide when the author himself states that he doesnt have much experience with the ps3?

than he rants about ps3 psn failure and sony sucks.
and doesnt discuss xbox's RROD?

these are past events and shouldnt be mentioned in a 'buying guide' for this holiday season.

if u do mention one, u need to mention the other since u are comparing.

if u read the article, the author is a clear xbox gamer who is bias and talks about gaming in favor of the 360.

BDSE2554d ago

This is hardly an impartial guide, it's more a fanboy spouting out rubbish against his perceived 'enemy' and glossing over the deficiencies on his preferred console.

No mention of the online charge for live, no mention of the lack of Blu-Ray on 360 (when he does mention it in his PS3 'review' he spells it wrong) and no mention of silly MS Points currency.

He states "I don’t have a terribly large amount of experience with the PS3′s online system..." and if that's the case how can he state with such authority "This article will attempt to objectively present strong points and flaws of both gaming systems?"

He also contradicts himself by stating at the end of his article "I didn’t compare aesthetic menu designs; gimmicks have nothing to do with your gaming experience" yet he explicitly mentions "The Xbox 360 interface is also about to get a new update. Details seems to include a new voice and gesture method of navigation via the Kinect, deeper Facebook interaction, and major company content from the likes of UFC, HBO, and Youtube." None of that is relevant to gameplay and he also neglects to mention that the PS3 has had online movie, tv, music, music video services for years along with full facebook, twitter and web access through its web browser.

I say he should stick to writing his assignments for school and leave the article writing to grown ups.

hellvaguy2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I agree both systems equally have thier pros and cons (i like both ps/360, just not the wii).

@Arron u pretty much tried to stealth yur psfanboyism, but it was far too transparent. Next time just go with: "I prefer the ps3 and heres why....." It would much less fradulant.

BDSE2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

My issue is with the article presenting a biased opinion, both systems have positives and both have negatives- I own both so it doesn't bother me.

guigsy2554d ago

Bit hypocritical of you to present a counter-argument which is just as biased though.

rob60212554d ago

There's a different between someone writing on the comments section on N4G and someone who writes for a publication. One has a whole lot more responsibility to be ethical and impartial because they speak with a larger reach.

BDSE2554d ago

I'm arguing against the article, my focus therefore is the article and its content, if the article presents a heavily biased view in favour of one console thats what I'll pick up on and argue against along with the mentioned internal contradictions, for example its claimed non-focus on non-gameplay aspects even though it highlights the 360's user interface as a positive.

I don't need to list the positives of the 360 as the article itself does that and so I've assumed that most people who read my response can rationalise that I have no issue with those positives unless I specifically mention them and explain why I don't agree.

evilunklebud2554d ago

get 'em both... leave the fanboy nonsense for the teen crowd.

AmaZinG2554d ago

i mean Ps3 has Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Infamous 2 and alot more.

360 has Gears of War 3, Forza 4, Halo CE Anniversary and alot more.

You can get older games for 10$ so buy both yeah they are amazing systems.

Xbox Live is awesome if you want to pay, Mw3 online e pretty cool but Gears 3 is superior to me but Mw3 is easier to jump in for new comers.

Neko_Mega2554d ago

Forgot LBP and MGS, plus last I check. XBL can't handle 256 players on one map or even more then that.

So I would say Sony's online is stronger.

hellvaguy2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I wouln't want 256 people on one map and ps3 can't do cross game chat, but its free, so meh toss up. One isn't overall "better" than the other, imo.

Neko_Mega2554d ago

Yeah cross party chat is so great, that is why people pay about $60 bucks for XBL. Wait? That might be the reason why the losing people @[email protected]

MAG, DC:UO and alot of other MMO's show that XBL is nothing more then overprice.

hellvaguy2554d ago

Live is only $40 if u let it expire, than MS offers u it for that lower price. Been getting that rate for past 3 years now. : )

guigsy2554d ago

And yet as MAG taught us, more players doesn't make a better game.

one2thr2554d ago

True, but it doesnt mean that developers shouldnt stray away from MMO type Fps games..... My only problem with MAG was the button layout, and how to change weapons and etc.

evilunklebud2554d ago

Mag was not a great online game imho.

Try Gears or Halo with 6 buddies.... way more fun, and you can be much more productive.

_Aarix_2554d ago

Xbl CAN handle 256 players but it doesnt. Mag looked like a ps2 game too support all those players plus 256 is just too much

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nasstyngg3r2422554d ago

bogus article dred they make the ps3 seem like a ps2 while big up to the 360 all the way, this guy shouldnt write this article because he only has a 360 and mabe a wii he has no ps3.

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