Killzone 3 Multiplayer May Be Sold Separately on PSN

With Killzone 3 having released back in February, the number of multiplayer users has naturally dropped to a smaller, more dedicated group of players. In an effort to revitalize the multiplayer component of the game, and bring in a few more sales, it now looks like Sony are planning to release KZ3‘s multiplayer as a separate game on the PlayStation Network.

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doctorstrange2399d ago

Should bring some more players to the game.


Won't work..Remember Cod is out,not even BF could compete with Cod based on number of people online so I doubt this will help GG,Sales will be low.

HappyWithOneBubble2399d ago

You don't know that. Of course it won't be a huge boost but some people will buy.

guitarded772399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

I hope so... Killzone is my favorite online next to Battlefield. I'd like to see more people come to the KZ community.

HappyWithOneBubble2399d ago

I wish more games was like that. There are some games I like campaigns for and some for just multiplayer.

ftwrthtx2399d ago

That's a great idea depending on the price point.

DasBunker2399d ago

yeah id get it if the price is right.

Hufandpuf2399d ago

I think that's a great idea lol. I wouldn't be surprised of other companies decided to do this. Our game is dying, so buy our multiplayer portion to get it back up.

But then what if they like the multi and want to buy the full game for the singleplayer? Will SP be sold separately too?

ddurand12399d ago

all games should do this. its really annoying to pay 60$ for games that i never play the single player on.

im sure people in the opposite situation feel similarly

ftwrthtx2399d ago

I'm mostly a story driven gamer and online is always an after thought for me. They should split the difference and do $30 story games and $30 for the online portion.

HappyGaming2399d ago

Games like cod would be more like 70% for online 30% for offline or no one would buy the single player!!

Blaine2399d ago

In general I prefer games that are either SP-only or MP-only. They're usually more focused when they only do either, and they come out better.

For KZ, I'd actually want to get the SP only.

I'm waiting for Starhawk for MP.

SweatyFlorida2399d ago

Would love if Dice jumped on the idea as well for Battlefield 3 :p

But Great idea on Sony's/GG's part to revitalize the game! Though I have KZ3 and loved the SP and somewhat liked the MP, this is great for those who haven't gotten the taste of KZ3. This could also have an effect on the used market. Very smart.

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tigertron2399d ago

Yet it'll probably be more expensive than the whole Killzone 3 package (excluding the Plus deal of course). You can buy KZ3 quite cheap now.

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The story is too old to be commented.