The Married Gamers: Lord of the Rings: War in the North Review

"The game starts out like a bad LOTR fanfic; your band of brave (and utterly unknown until now) adventurers meets Aragorn as you totally have this secret mission to go on, and the Nine are moving against the Shire, and its up to you to save all of the hobbits! Really. Even digital Aragorn looks embarrassed to be here."

Join Zach Snell, of The Married Gamers, as he embarks on a journey into the Lord of the Rings universe in War in the North.

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bobrea2578d ago

I mean...the story doesn't sound that terrible. The Shire WAS fucked up by orcs in the book. Sucks about the gameplay though, I thought this one might actually be good.

ITLoo2578d ago

It's always a bummer when a Lord of the Rings game flops. Sigh...

nasstyngg3r2422578d ago

3.5 out of 10 whoa it cnt be that bad.