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Whoever says PC gaming is dead doesn't own a three thousand dollar gaming rig and Crysis.

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Real gamer 4 life3914d ago

I wish they would port this game to the PS3 even if its gimped vesion idont care, i just want t play it. I just cant afford a three thousand dollar computer to run it.

ShiftyLookingCow3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

the score sounds just about right. It is not but comes close to 9(still a good modding community will push it to 9) for its awesome graphics and the open gameplay of the first levels. I haven't touched that game since Mass Effect came. Time to watch the review.

Statix3914d ago

I liked the caption on that review. "Whoever says PC gaming is dead doesn't own a three thousand dollar gaming rig..."

ShiftyLookingCow3914d ago

actually its quite inaccurate but unfortunately that is the majority view

Noodlecup3914d ago

I can run crysis with all high settings with no AA at 1024x768 with a decent framerate on a $800 PC and it still looks better than any console shooter.

I don't agree with the score, crysis is MUCH better than Halo and all of the other crappy console FPS games.

Jen5en3914d ago

I agree that it runs better than mentioned in the reviews. I run almost everything on very high, apart from shaders being on just high... and I'm playing on a laptop. Although I run at lowest resolution, I agree that it's very pretty. (Say what you want about low resolution, effects come first, resolution second in my book).

However, there are some solid shooters on the consoles and I don't think they get completely run over by Crysis. In fact, I think some of them look better, but I guess that's more personal preference.

theox2g73914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

@noodlecup, totally agreed
its really really sad how uninformed the public is about such issues, spreading overexaggerated lies about pc gaming, but for gametrailers of all websites, i am truly dissappointed, this is a slap in the face to pc games, halo 3 got a 9.8 in presentation and crysis got a 9.1????? nuff said, with pc gaming, u get more value for what u're paying for and the games are cheaper and it's not too far off from consoles in terms of price considering the billions of other things u cud do with ur pc,
My pc runs crysis with a tweaked ultra high settings which looks like the 06' footage(NB:running in dx9 with vista) and fps ranges 25-62 which is very playable, I play on 1280*720 with 2xAA on my 32" HDTV with the xbox360 windows gamepad force feedback enable, my pc cost me $826 total after rebates to get the parts and put togethere( Note I started from scratch, this wasnt even an upgrade), my pc serves as my upscaling media player, tivo recorder, media center and online video browser which would cost about $500 in total if bought seperately, i got the value for what i paid for,
the sad fact is informed ppl like me are in the minority and i might get disagrees from ppl who dont want to accept this true fact, pc gaming is in fact cheaper than console gaming if u look at value, if u know where to look it will be, tigerdirect and newegg( great sites for parts), building pcs have been dummed down to the point that even forest gump could build one, they even have barebone kits for u lazy ass ppl who dont want to do any work,
Crysis is far from perfect as it has its fair share of glitches but it truly is a whole new ground breaking experience and shows u how fps in the future is going to be, imo its on par with cod4 single player wise in terms of those "omg" moments, cod4 rules multiplayer though but ut3 pwns them all anyway, but it seriously deserved a better score, everyone is falling for that "5000 dollar pc myth bullsh1t" with ppl making comments like "omg my pc will blow up" or "my crappy comp cant run this", to all of u i say this, download the demo and set it to lowest, u might be surprised how fun and good it runs and looks, a friend of mine has a 5yr old pc that cant run cod2 in dx9, only in dx7, he is happily enjoying crysis on low and personally gave it a 10, so those of u who are whining about only considering it when u can run it in its full glory, u r truly hurting urself and missing out on wonderful gaming experience, its only 45 bucks fyi

For those of u that want the ultra high tweak, i highly recommend it if u have a decent system, a single 8800gt does it justice with a very playable framerate and it does look mindblowing and much more realistic than dx10 highest settings, credit to kensangh from gamespot
and dx10 vs dx 9 ultra high comparison
dx 9 ultra high

dx9 ultra high

and it runs 20% better plus AA doesnt have that much a performance hit

Jen5en3914d ago

Relax, even though I somewhat agree with you about the public being uninformed (about anything) Crysis does require some graphical muscle. It can look amazing even at medium settings, but the semi-trolls that call everybody noobs because their PC "runs everything on very high in 2500x1600 with 16x AA" does so because their PC's are those 5000$ rigs.

However, the reason why I personally think console gaming has the edge, it because the software is being tweaked to work on the hardware the consumer has invested in, contrary to a graphics card which is ditched 5-6 months after it hits the streets. Say what you want about not having to change your cards before 3-4 years, after 6 months you'll have to run at mediocre graphics just to get a framerate, not a slideshow. I for one believe that Crysis will be beaten by consoles this generation, when the hardware is tweaked to do so, but by then a new PC title will kick their asses. It's the never ending story.

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