Report: Harvey Smith No Longer with Midway Austin

Shacknews writes:

"Shacknews has separately learned from multiple reliable sources that Midway Austin designer Harvey Smith, who recently headed up the alien-themed shooter BlackSite: Area 51 (PC, PS3, X360), is no longer with Midway. One source explicitly alleges he was fired, but another suggests the departure was more mutual.
Smith recently made waves when he referred to the development of BlackSite as "so fucked up," citing problems within Midway and a general lack of proper management on the project. Over the course of the game's development and after its release, Smith trumpeted the game's political themes, characterizing it as "super fucking subversive." Smith has called for more developers to tackle complex issues in their games."

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Silverwolf3946d ago

"And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, Im gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust"

ruibing3946d ago

I think the guy is a really great video game designer, some of my favorites have been System Shock and the Deus Ex franchise.

Charlie26883946d ago

I feel bad for the guy he is a very talented dev being involved in the creation of System Shock and Deus Ex

By the comments he made about Black Site Area 51 he seemed to be very angry and/or frustrated at Midway for forcing him to release an unfinished game >.> (remember, from alpha testing to retail and only 4 days to find bugs)

You cant really blame the guy T.T

Good luck Harvey I hope you find a better studio that actually lest you develop your talents :)

Polluted3946d ago

Agreed. It sucks for this guy. On the other hand it was really unprofessional of him to go and publicly bash his own game and his employer like that. After Midway just invested millions in making Blacksite and paid this guys salary for years. Not cool on his part.
Hopefully he can find himself another job after that stunt. Hopefully Midway learns a lesson from all this too.

Gamingisfornerds3946d ago

How can a developer like that, that was involved with games regarded by many as the best games ever made, end up in a project like Blacksite?!

I mean, it should've been pretty obvious from the get go that it wasn't going to be anything above mediocre. The concept is just your average alien shooter.

How can you not see this coming?!

MK_Red3946d ago

I also feel sad for such a great dev but IMO, it's all Midway's fault for putting pressure on the team and forcing them to release an unfinished game.
That's Midway, who have forced many of its teams (Including MK's team to release MK games yearly for last gen). They need to stop pressuring the devs and allow them to fully work on their games.

AddisonW3946d ago

Wow, so one of Midway's level monkeys got his ass fired...


Polluted3946d ago

I had a feeling Midway wouldn't appreciate him sh*t talking his newest game so soon after it was released. Maybe Jaffe will give him a job...