New Touch my Katamari screenshots

Namco Bandai released new screenshots of Touch my Katamari.

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Venox20082580d ago

For now it's one of two games I want on Vita.. other is gravity daze

-Alpha2579d ago

Same here. Gravity Daze is the major reason I'd get a PSV. Remember when those kinds of games were successful on consoles?

Venox20082579d ago

yes, there were golden days of gaming.. not shooters, like now and most of this type of games are struggling now :/ too bad, still I want this and similar games be successful so we could enjoy more and more games like this...

LettingGo2579d ago

That's it?!?

No Uncharted, Resistance, LBP, Motorstorm, or anything else?

Venox20082579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

sorry but no.. maybe uncharted...maybe... oh, and bioshock vita :)

LettingGo2579d ago

I can't wait!!! :)

I'm picking this and Uncharted up on launch day.

MasterCornholio2579d ago

Looks fun might have to check this out.