Mortal Kombat: Game of the Year Edition listed by retailer

A listing by an online retailer has revealed that a “Game of the Year” edition is coming for the 2011 Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fighting game, Mortal Kombat.

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GraveLord2579d ago

Well deserved.
Will include all the DLC characters like Freddy Krueger?

Messatsu2902579d ago

I bet paying $60 fot the exact same game is a good deal right?

skyblue142132579d ago

For $53.49 for the goty edition you are not really saving much vs. buying the standard edition and then buying the dlc. I have the standard edition but I will be skipping this because other than a few extra characters and skins the goty edition really does not have much more to offer.
This is a good game , but for people that have not yet picked mk9 up I suggest to wait until the goty edition gets price dropped to $30.

I mean if it was a goty game that offered substantial dlc like elder scrolls oblivion goty, borderlands goty, fallout 3 goty, etc... then I would say buy mk9 goty edition at the $53.49 price. Otherwise wait for the goty edition to drop to at least $30 and then get it. Mk9 is a good game that I recommend to anyone to add to their game library, it is just that there is not enough dlc to justify the initial $53.49 price.

dorron2579d ago

Nice. Might get it when it's 20€...

ironfist922579d ago

I knew it!

The edition I had been waiting for. Hopefully it includeds ALL DLC and Klassic Skins.

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