Canadian Black Friday Deals Nov. 25th – 27th, 2011

Even though our Thanksgiving was last month, several retailers are still doing a Black Friday sale. For anyone looking to pick up some great games for cheap, such as Arkham City for $29.99, here you go. All deals valid November 25th-27th.

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TrendyGamers2497d ago

Let me know what you guys will be picking up out of these games.

TheBeast2497d ago

Why do you need to know? o.o

TrendyGamers2497d ago

Just curious what everyone else is picking up. I'm getting Arkham City and probably one or two of the $15 greatest hits.

Relientk772497d ago

That's pretty impressive that the Wii is only $110

and Skyward Sword is $39

acronkyoung2497d ago

My backlog is going to grow at least three sizes on this Black Friday.

BootHammer2495d ago

Nice deals, I snatched up Rage for $29 over here ;)