Lens of Truth Head2Head: Modern Warfare 3 Analysis

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! We will now take a look back at another huge release for this year. We apologize for being a bit late with this one, but the wait is over. Call of Duty has always tended to show favor to 360 hardware so far in this generation. However as we all know, things are changing and upsets have been quite normal."

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Soul Train2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Wow. Infinity Ward/Sledghammer/Raven/Activis ion should be embarrassed of the PS3 version (maybe a 4th dev would have helped, lol).

I'm sure they really don't care about quality at all, as long as their game sells 12 million copies their ok.

fluffydelusions2580d ago

360 version has always looked/played better. I had both versions of MW2/Blops on both systems and 360 version always was the best and MW3 of course uses the same engine as MW2 so this is no big surprise tbh.

Fishy Fingers2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Thats because the 360 is clearly the prefered platform. Even when they had "seperate teams" blah blah the 360 was favoured.

If it leads on the 360, you'd expect the 360 to turn out slightly better.

RBLAZE19882580d ago

It's that microsoft money...This is so obviously either deliberate quality sabotage or just plain neglect but either way microsoft money is involved. It's unethical when i company of a console invests in a multiplat game because it then means that it's almost like a bribe. It can be inferred without the obvious words in a contract and nobody could prove them wrong...That's why I think it is wrong of Microsoft to practice these kind of unethical strategies...If people think that this isn't cause of the microsoft deal then they are pretty naive. The contract probably says in lawyer lingo make the 360 version the best version and we have a deal and so that means automatically that they start development having the 360's interests in there minds and automatically they are sabotaging the other ports...It's sad what money does

The Meerkat2580d ago

This won't end well.

By the end of this thread there will be 40+ posts saying LOT is sh!t.

Tempjf2580d ago

rightttttt... I guess Digital Foundry is "shit" too since both sites pretty much had the same conclusion... Typical N4G troll.

jetlian2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

wasn't trolling just telling how its going to be

Animal Mutha 762580d ago

Can't blame LOT, or the TV settings or the full moon.

The images speak for themselves. The bomb planting image shows just how diff these are rendered.

Still playing at 60fps on both machines with no tearing is the key with this game.

This engine hasn't really changed since COD4, hence the same alpha and blur issues on PS3.

LOLconsoles2580d ago

Just get the PC version, that way you'll have both anti aliasing and sharp textures.

Hicken2580d ago

So, despite seeing with your own eyes that the developers have no problems short-changing their consumers, you'd STILL advocate buying the game?

Venjense2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

360 looks significantly bit better, but I still hate how every 360 game totally crushes blacks.