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Submitted by Rowland 1535d ago | review

Platform Review: Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Platform: It’s interesting when you get to sit down with a game like Skyrim (and you’ll be sitting for a long time) – the game world is massive, giving the player the choice of where to go and what to do. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360) 5/5

Rowland  +   1535d ago
@Nathan Stone/Platform: just have to point out that your opening sentence should read:'It’s interesting when you get to sit down with a unique game like Skyrim'

There isn't any other game 'like' Skyrim !
360ICE  +   1535d ago
I hear ya but there are other games that are unique like skyrim is. So I see the writer's point too.
Rowland  +   1535d ago
so what other games are 'like' Skyrim ?....
360ICE  +   1535d ago
Ok. It's not like I said anything controversial as I see both your points but here goes: The last part of the sentence read:
"the game world is massive, giving the player the choice of where to go and what to do."
Examples of games that fit this description would be Just Cause 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Mercenaries (preferably the first one) or examples with even more freedom like Fallout 1,2,3, new vegas, previous elder scrolls titles (that are very similar, even though not at all the same experience)

Of course there's not a game quite like Skyrim, which I agree with, so I agree with your point. However the follow-up in the sentence does justify to write "like Skyrim" so I wanted to add that the writer wasn't necessarily saying that there are other games very similar to skyrim out there, but that there are other games that fit the same description, that he gave in the same sentence (don't know if you read that part of the sentence).

Anyway, you're both right - and so am I. So ice for everyone, as long as it's not on my bill.

Yes, being so indulged in the game world that you forget about the time is a truly a sensation unique to elder scrolls. I'm not hating on elder scrolls. Elder scrolls in FANTASTIC, but why don't you write that over here:
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Bigpappy  +   1535d ago
I agee with Rowland. What the writer is talking about is unique ti Elder Scrolls (more so in Morrowind and now Skyrim). These games are so involved that you don't know when 4 hrs have passed, and it is easy to over stay your time. Sometimes I think I resolved an issue but then there is a new twist to the story. And this is only a side quest.

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