What Happened to the Diversity in Soul Calibur's Character Creation?

SRK: "In Soul Calibur III, players interested in the vanity and fun of creating their own fighters had several options. Of course they could dress them with any number of clothes and accessories or choose their hair and skin colors, but there were more significant options. Players could choose one of a specific number of unique fighting styles for their created characters to utilize, validating the backstory that you had created for them and differentiating them from any of the characters on the game’s roster.

My friends and I obsessed over the character creation for some time, each of us making characters with different fighting styles just to see how they handled. This was no doubt one of the highlights of the entire title, and several fans of the game agree with me. That’s why I was puzzled by the awkward lack of any kind of unique fighting style in the sequel to that game, Soul Calibur IV."

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VonAlbrecht2576d ago

Here's what I find alot of people seem to not understand about the custom fighting styles and why they stopped putting them in the game - They are absolutely *worthless* to people who play these games outside of inane button mashing sessions with friends. In comparison to the standard character move sets in the game, the created ones were trash.

In SC3, they were a gimmick that really more or less served to give CotS a bit more substance and variety, which was fine. But if you look at it objectively, you're left with several half-baked movesets that nobody who plays the game seriously will even think about using. Seeing as how each iteration, more attention is being paid to the tournament scene, it's really no surprise that they've ousted the idea, and I'm totally okay with it.

The problem is, to have these move sets would basically be the same as adding whole new characters to the game, if you want each move set to be fully featured and therefore not an absolute waste of time. Honestly? I'd rather just have new characters with the option of creating characters to use those same move sets.

jetlian2576d ago

Don't care for the tourney scene also why not just use moves from all characters?! Give every move a point value or level rating and allow people to make custom fighters

Say lvl 1 to 10. in 1 you get 20 moves and lvl 10 its 2. Now yu can choose what move you want from any character without throwing balance off

Tanir2576d ago

thaaaaat wouldnt make sense to take moves from other characters Jetlian......soooo while im using a Hammer/axe from rock, im all of a sudden going to use the hammer like a katana? then roll on the floor like voldo and shield bash without a shield? wth haha.

i would like them to just copy paste the move sets from extra characters in sc3 but not gonna happen

I would love to see a Grieve edge official character though, thats a beast fighting style

jetlian2576d ago

know most weapon based styles are taken from hand to hand. So without the shield it would just be a forearm/punch.

Alot of martial arts have movements taken from swords too.

a hammer strike is no different than a sword cut

caseh2576d ago

Hoping they don't pull a Tekken and give us a half-assed character customisation option.

-Gespenst-2576d ago

The new characters look like they were made in the character creator. There's just something not quite genuine about them.