Call Of Duty: Elite Status Is Fully Operational

NowGamer: Beachhead status page gives CoD Elite the green light.

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TimmyShire2495d ago

About time if you ask me. Least they're giving a free month to make up for it!

skyward2495d ago

Where's the mobile apps? PC version? Bespoke content. It's all a learning curve, but launch should have been much smoother.

Feckles2495d ago

Mobile app would be nice, but at least it's working now.

Rampaged Death2495d ago

I still haven't got my founder stuff for MW3.

creatchee2495d ago

You have to log onto your console's Elite app after you've linked your gamertag. Make sure you let the first Elite page completely load, then you should have the emblem and callsign on your first pages in those sections in multiplayer. Also, you'll have two hours of double XP - there will be an XP logo if you hover over your name in lobbies to confirm this.

IMO the founder and Elite callsigns are kinda ugly though.