PSM3 podcast #6: Where they discuss the death of UMD, PS3 game delays and answer YOUR questions

The guys from the UK PS3 mag, PSM3, talks about PS3 related issues.

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C_SoL3882d ago

need to make a new PSP with a big harddrive(ipods can reach 160GB)i don't see how Sony can put a mini "large harddrive" in a new PSP....throw away UMD & then just put everything on the Playstation Store. Then you can directly buy everything from there. Movies, TV shows, Games of course & etc.

C_SoL3881d ago

i would be willing to that much...even $500 if it has phone capabilites...who knows though..thry-re gonna have to throw away UMD no matter what. were just gonna have to wait & see what happens....

maxxe3882d ago

At what price?

I think we need to see the price of "mini" storage fall a bit more so we don't end up having to pay $400 for a PSP-(3000?).