MW3 Matchmaking is Going to be Patched “Hopefully” This Week

MP1st - The two biggest issues that have been hindering your Modern Warfare 3 experience are being worked on.

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i loved the fact when i first played online (level 1) i got into a room with prestige-ready players, my butt kinda hurt after that...

The Meerkat2579d ago

Why didn't use the sit in a corner and stare at the door technique?

Its been proven over the last 5 years to keep your butt 100% protected.

Criminal2579d ago

Campers can have success in the first minute or so, but then good players will know where campers are.

Mister_V2579d ago

Yeah... they don't have the best matchmaking system ever.

Jobesy2579d ago

@RIPSKATEDESTROY, just because someone is prestiged, doesn't mean they're better. It just means they played longer. My first game I got put in the same situation, but I still did really well. Cod is all about learning the maps and reaction time. I run and gun, so I learn the maps fairly quickly.

OT, I had bad lag in only 2 games so far, but for the people who get bad lag all the time I hope it gets resolved quickly.


thats not my point, when you have the ability to prestige you have almost everything at your disposals, when you first start up you dont even have your own classes yet, that was my point

Soldierone2579d ago

It already made me mad enough. Have to level two more times in spec ops to get the plat, then im going back to black ops and BF3.

Matchmaking isn't even my only concern. When im getting put in matches with second and third prestige people when I didn't even prestige myself just yet was stupid, but I know for a fact I could compete with them. Its the fact I cant finish a single friggin game without immense lag. Its honestly worse than Black Ops for me,and trust me Black Ops is capable of being pretty bad.

Like I said in another article, it sucks not being one of the lucky ones with no lag, but until its fixed I'm not going back online.

GraveLord2579d ago

There's no problem for me so please don't mess stuff up.

sublIME2s2579d ago

Yep it's been a pain in the arse to get in a match. I'm from Portugal so it's really hard to get someone to play with me. Hopefully they will fix this along with the lag issues. As for the prestiged players... I've seen so many 3rd and 4th prestige dudes being owned by guys with level 10 and such.