Top 6 Xbox 360 Games of the Past 6 Years

PlanetXbox360: "The Xbox 360 turns 6 years old today, November 22nd, 2011. The console first debuted in 2005, and it has been on one heck of a ride since then. We love our Xbox 360’s more than anybody knows, so it is only right to celebrate this 6th birthday with a Top 6 list of the best games to come out for our favorite console. This list will chronicle the best game to come out during the system’s first year on the market and every subsequent year after that. Without further ado, the six best games to come out during the 6-year lifespan of the Xbox 360."

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Sizzon2579d ago

No Alan Wake? the game is fantastic and Underrated. My personal favourite 360 game, and then Gears 3. Lost Oddysey is a good one also.

UncannyValley2579d ago

There were plenty of great games that unfortunately I had to pass over.

nasstyngg3r2422578d ago

did notice onli the first 2 years had exclusives after that pure multiplats