Warhawk: Omega Dawn Finished, Price Announced

Ripten writes:

"Game Director Dylan Jobe's updated with an announcement that the Warhawk Booster Pack, entitled "Omega Dawn," is finished, save for some last minute testing. In the post, he gushes like a mother proud of her straight-A child over the expansion and let's slip just how much it will cost you."

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wetowel3886d ago

$7.99? wow i was expecting $15-$20. Ill buy 1st day.

C_SoL3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )


WHO DISAGREE WITH but seriously, I can kick some serious ass. check my stats....

gamesR4fun3886d ago

they put out the next patch first the games a major cheat fest now....

sad when the only honest game you can count is on closed player servers...

sonarus3886d ago

lol well if ur referring to invisible tanks i have noticed those in a while on ranked servers. I expeted this add on to be a lot cheaper though say 2.99 or 4.99 max. Warhawk maps are huge and they are great but considering this game is online only no single player with add on content we are already pushing towards the 60 bucks margin. Am gonna buy cus warhawk is still the best online multiplayer shooter on ps3 and definetly the most fun for me on any console but i expected it to be cheaper. Regardless i hope they release it next thursday so i can get ma hands on it already

rofldings3886d ago

$15-20?! This isn't Microsoft! ;)

Sevir043886d ago

be you complimentary warhawk escort. i swear i wanna do that... it's gonna be hot i cant wait... add me to the N4g warhawk Clan


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SmokeyMcBear3886d ago

jesus.. that is one big freaking map

blusoops3886d ago

Day one purchase for me!!! I love Warhawk, I never get tired of it! And a new map and aircraft is all the reasons i need to play it even more! $7.99 is not bad at all.

Winter47th3886d ago

The price hits the spot!

Day one purchase for me, Warhawk's my fav PS3 game to date in terms of MP.

ATLRoAcH3886d ago

This expansion and the v1.2 patch will be awesome.I can't wait.I'm playing the sh!t out of some Warhawk right about now.

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The story is too old to be commented.