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Will Vita be prone to dead pixels?

Defective displays found on demo units - but should consumers be worried, asks GamerZines? (PS Vita, Tech)

richierich  +   960d ago
I hope not I had 3 PSPs all 3 of them sent back to my gamestore all had dead pixels one was an annoying white pixel in the centre of the screen which was so annoying when viewing cut scenes and UMD movies
NukaCola  +   960d ago
LoL, my PSP had one. My wife's PSP is still good to this day. I think it wont though. It's OLED like the iPhone and I had my 3G for like 3 years now with zero issues. But I guess in the end, I just hope not. Oh my original DS (Big grey one) got a couple on the touch screen.
SonyNGP  +   959d ago
iPhone doesn't use OLED.
dark-hollow  +   960d ago
Dead pixels are less common on OLED displays.
Wintersun616  +   960d ago
Depending on how early builds they are, they are naturally more prone to dead pixels because they usually aren't tested as extensively as those that go to retail. By "they" I mean builds that are never going to retail of course.

I had a dead pixel on one of my older phones and it was annoying as hell, even though I didn't use it nearly as much as I use my SGS2 for example. Let's just hope that Vitas are built from quality hardware and aren't prone to dead pixels or other defects.
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Venox2008  +   960d ago
My 3DS has 3 pixels, though they aren't too annoyed, but still I don't know should I send it back to Ninty so they could fix it... dilemma.. should I live with that and wait for Mario 3D land or should I send it? Do some of you know how long are they fixing?

thanks in advance..

ontopic.. I hope Vita's screen won't suffer from these.. (I mean most of models)..
Gamerita  +   960d ago
no one knows but the fact Vita screens been made by samsung isn't the best start (quality built wise). imo this should ring very serious alarm bells about the longevity of the Vita's screen life.

to those who are disagreeing with me,i appreciate your love for your samsung screens & i do believe their screens look the part but "quality" wise samsung is still a 2nd class manufacturer & at the bottom of the 2nd class list too (the like of jvc,hitachi,aiwa..etc are at the top of that list).
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Optical_Matrix  +   960d ago
Really? I have a Samsung Omnia 7 which has a AMOLED screen. Nicest thing I've ever seen and no dead/stuck pixels on it what so ever so dunno man. I think Samsung do make good quality screens but then again, my TV, Camera etc are Sony manufactured so I'm not too versed in Samsungs reliability history.
dark-hollow  +   960d ago
I dont know what you are smoking there but samsung displays are top notch!
Gamerita  +   959d ago
top notch visually maybe but not quality built wise.
kikizoo  +   959d ago
are you living in the 80' gamerita ? (when samsung was like you say)

samsung and sony are the best for lcd tv, samsung is one of the best for pc monitors, so ?
SonyNGP  +   959d ago
My Galaxy S2 and its beautiful 4.3" Super AMOLED+ screen says otherwise.

Hell. I'm using it to type this right now!
strickers  +   959d ago
Samsung make more screens than anyone else.These include Sonys hugely reliable panels for LCDs and most OLEDs now.
OLEDs have no significant problems I've seen reported.
Samsung are the biggest electronics manufacturer in the world now.
Gamerita  +   959d ago
((Samsung are the biggest electronics manufacturer in the world now)) hehe i'm not sure about this & what is your source for this claim ?? anyway i still stand by my "opinion" that samsung is a manufacturer of very fancy & nice looking electronics but built quality is nowhere near as good as the japanese manufacturing quality,not good enough for me to buy anyway. EACH TO THEIR OWN :)
kasasensei  +   960d ago
Another good reason to wait a little before purchase. I will not tolerate 1 dead pixel on a brand new console.
bunfighterii  +   960d ago
I got a brand new iMac about 3 months ago that had a dead pixel appear after about 2 weeks and Apple replaced the screen straight away, no hassle. Hopefully Sony take the same approach if this is an issue.
tsn  +   960d ago
Trollbait flamebait article.
Bastion17  +   959d ago
Fishy Fingers  +   959d ago
Probably no more or less likely than any other device using such a screen. Either way, warranty should cover it, so it's not really an issue worth worrying about.
bwazy  +   959d ago
Doubt it, I havent seen a dead pixel since I got my PSP years ago.
Sugreev2001  +   959d ago
Same here,I got mine back in 2005,only a couple of weeks after it launched.
MasterCornholio  +   959d ago
Never had pixel problems with my PSPs. But I had to return 3 DS lites because of stuck pixels. I hope I don't have to go through that again with the vita.

Razongunz  +   959d ago
I agree. i can't remember when i last was so hyped about getting a console..oh actually i do.. when i got my ps2 when i was 10.. ws my happiest day i can remember.. lol really looking forward to this portable powerhouse.. it would crush me to find a dead pixel..lol. but yeah dead pixels arent a common issiue.. i'll cross my fingers and hope for a problem free vita on 22nd of feb ^^
Noticeably_FAT  +   959d ago
Sure it will be, I remember two of PSP's had those damn things. It can annoying, but when you get to playing it isn't really noticeable.

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