Media Create hardware sales (11/14 - 11/20)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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MaideninBlack2583d ago

22k for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Nice to see Japanese gamers aren't falling for Capcom's tactics with this game.

Ddouble2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Marvel is not really a japanese favourite. Street Fighter AE did almost 70K when that released.

Nice PS3 and PSP sales. I'm guessing they're because of the new colours.

GamersRulz2582d ago

what is the reason of PS3/PSP sales spike?

mshope102582d ago

man 3ds numbers have been great for the last couple months!

and they get monster hunter 3g next month with the circle pad pro!and people can hate the circle pad pro all they want but is not going to stop hardcore gamers who want full console controls,with motion controls,and touchscreen controls with a second screen that adds even more buttons and a always on map!!

people are going to hate on it but its going to be nice have 4 shoulder buttons and 2 3d controls sticks!!

and now theres a rumor from a trusted source that 3ds is getting a final fantasy 7 remix 6 months after the weird final fantasy theater game!!!so thats nintendo games,monster hunter 3g and 4,and final fantasy 7 remix all on one system

and i know the rumor sounds crazy and it couldn't happen but thats what everyone said about the circle pad pro and look how that turned out!!!!

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