Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Review -- Ironhammers

Ironhammers writes: Serious Sam first showed up in 2001, and promised to fill in the gaping hole that had been left when games like Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem weren’t being developed for rapid release anymore. The third installment is due out for release relatively soon, but given the mixed reception to id’s latest game and the hideously anticlimactic release of Duke Nukem, I am left wondering what the future holds for Serious Sam and the kinds of games it stands for. Perhaps Gearbox Software was right in suggesting that the disgusted reactions to Duke Nukem were more an indication of the collective sigh of so many gamers heaved when trying to explain that yes, we finally grew up, and were done with big, dumb games with a phallocentric obsession with weapons and a misogynistic world view.

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