Pain broken like bones, removed from PSN, but will return soon

Destructoid writes:

"PlayStation 3 owners who hopped online to snag the new PlayStation Network title, Pain, might have noticed a few issues. You're not alone -- I experienced issues, too. Two characters (a creepy looking Santa, and the scantily clad female, Cookie) wouldn't load for instance, giving me an error message which told me to re-download and install Pain to correct the problem (that didn't work).

It's because of these problems, as well as issues with the online leaderboards (there were none) and a broken video on the community, that Pain has been removed from the PlayStation Store. But never fear, the problems are being fixed, and the game should be placed back online shortly."

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Darkiewonder3945d ago

Yeah, I heard about the Bad Santa problem.

Wonder why they see that one during the testing :o

Cogwork3945d ago

Get the fix when it happens since I've downloaded the game already? Do I just download it and re-install it again?

mighty_douche3945d ago

i dont mean that really :/

My UK ass is just getting bored of playing second best to the US Playstation Store.

Keowrath3945d ago

Dude you is Eviiiiiil =P

I gotta admit though, I'm gutted we haven't seen this in the UK yet. I've been looking forward since I first saw the movies from E3 (I think) Looks very much fun!

Seems like the perfect game to have in the background when you got mates over. Hopefully the bugs will be ironed out sharpish and we'll see this grace the UK PSN next week... Lol who am I kidding, THIS YEAR =p

Chriswsm3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I pretty much agree. We second class customers kind of got off lucky here. Its not so bad being ignored by Sony when the goods are faulty in the first place.

Now get it fixed and pop it over the pond damn you *shakes fist*

Oh and before I forget... Might be prudent for the developers to read up on a thing called "beta testing".

CrashSharc3945d ago

you know how they said that 5 different people can download a game and intall it? does that mean 5 different machines or five times downloading it period. What I mean is that can I only download it up to 5 times even if it's on the same machine? that would suck. I understand the upto 5 systems max (using the unique MAC #'s)... Anyone know?

SmokeyMcBear3945d ago

yeah its actually both... which means you can download it 5 times, but to any ps3 that that particular psn id is logged into. So yeah, if you download it for 5 different buddies, and for some reason you have to uninstall it and download again.. you are SOL.. but that is why you get your buddies in on the price, meaning only 2 bucks a piece.. unless you are just a nice guy of course.

CrashSharc3945d ago

okay, so you are saying that if I re-download it onto the same PS3, it counts as one of my 5 downloads? ... that sucks...

MikeMichaels3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Re-downloads to the same PS3/PSN ID are not counted in the 5 download rule. You are not SOL if you delete things.

......So if you want to get rid of some of your lesser played PSN titles to save some space, you can delete them and not worry about losing it forever.

SmokeyMcBear3945d ago

I stand corrected, I really thought that a download meant a download regardless of what ps3 i downloaded it to.. thanks for the information

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Milkman5413945d ago

Once you buy the game, you can download 5 times on your machine or on your friends PS3...Me and my buddy spilt the games and just buy them all for $5 apiece and then he logs into my account downloads it on his PS3 and boom he is got the game on his PS3 now...

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