Ripten Review: PAIN

"I was half expecting the Spike TV logo to flash subliminally every five seconds or see Steve-O's smiling back tattoo give me the thumbs up as I launched his scrawny frame from the man cannon that serves as your aiming device. Neither happened, but the whole game feels just as obnoxious. Your painmeister yells "Dude!" and "Sweet!" whilst taking his lumps, farts as he flies through the air into a building called "The Man Hole", and tackles chimps in a mode called (get this!) "Spank The Monkey." It all made me want to gaze at my own navel."

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KidMakeshift3797d ago

I'm surprised PSN wants $10 for this. A $5 title at best

HowarthsNJ3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

It's worth $10.00 IMO.


EZCheez3797d ago

If there are any levels other than the initial town setting? I know there has got to be more or else there wouldn't be a scene select screen, but I can't find any info on how to unlock more.

DemiseofPandas3797d ago

I'm almost sure I read that other levels are going to be future DLC.

Mu5afir3797d ago

He is referring to his personal opinion half the time, lame.

techie3797d ago

isn't that what a review is?

HowarthsNJ3797d ago

If the reviewer has the experience, they can tell what's worth playing and what isn't even if they don't like the game itself.

Poor gameplay mechanics and technical issues will be apparent in any case.

It is also possible to personally like a game that's total crap. I have a few of those in my collection :-)

Jman41833797d ago

A review is subjective. No matter how much you want reviews to be perfect and fact. They are simply someones informed opinion on a piece of media.