Skyrim's Cicero - The Most Annoying Video Game Character Of All Time?

He’s the world’s campest jester. He’s the most unlikely member of the Dark Brotherhood imaginable. And every time he opens his mouth you'll feel an overwhelming urge to wallop him with the biggest damn mace you can lay your hands on.

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TheBlackMask2526d ago

I don't know I found him rather amusing...I even let him live.

shodan742526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

You're a more tolerant man than me then!

CultOfPersonality2526d ago

Yeah i hated his laugh as well! i walked away from him in the sanctuary then turned round with my battleaxe and BAM! R.I.P Cicero the most annoying guy in Skyrim

jthamind2526d ago

i also think he's pretty funny. he's not someone i'd want to constantly talk to for hundreds of hours, but he's good for the occasional laugh.

DarkZane2526d ago

Annoying, but far from the most annoying. Slippy toad from Star Fox 64 is definitely far more annoying. There is also others who are far more annoying, but they haven't crossed my thoughts yet.

BraveToaster2526d ago

No, Bethesda already made the most annoying character ever and his name is Adoring Fan. Or as someone above mentioned, Slippy Toad.
NO I will NOT get that guy off you Slippy.